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Watch -- The Live Online Broadcast -- 2020 Panorama Semi-Finals at the Queen's Park Savannah

The  Live Online Broadcast - IF/WHEN IT BECOMES AVAILABLE - 2020 Panorama Semi-Finals at the Queen's Park Savannah.

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De Mighty Shadow - Shadow Ting

Renegades - Wrong Again slow jam

The saga continues for Duvone Stewart after Hooking up…

odw: Thanks for putting up THIS VIDEO.

DUVONE just give a WHOLE FREE lecture on ARRANGING A CALYPSO in this ONE VIDEO!!!


OMG... You are sooooo right.  I Love to hear the cool down versions,  you can hear pans conversing with one another and the real sweetness of the music is front and center. 


On behalf of those who missed that insightful slomo display by Duvone, because of traffic, arthritis, or otherwise, like Sir Claudius, I thank you for posting.  What an elucidating explanation (by Duvone himself) of his masterfully crafted arrangement.  And to top it, he has a good voice too.

Shucks ODW!  Dah piece ah music so sweet, mankind eh go mind now if dey geh a lil horn.  :-)

I really do appreciate your musical responses (uploads).

On to the semis now, ..... arthritis permitting.

* The Music Librarian

Thanks, Dr. deLight ...Dah piece ah music so sweet, mankind eh go mind now if dey geh a lil horn.  :-)

Ah know Penguin say Ah Deputy is essential, finding someone else slipper under yuh bed is ah death wish fuh some. De man ends up going from rum shop to rum singing the same old song. Ah Lil horn could leave permanent damage. Ask ah SWEET side-man.

The slipper-PENGUIN

This is exactly what ah mean, ODW.  You are true to form.

Merci encore une fois.


Selwyn.   :-)

Doctor deLight: Good to have you in the mix!!!

My last reply came up blank -- so I hope I am not WRONG AGAIN with this one.

PANORAMA is NO FUN without your INPUT!!!

I did respond and the same thing happened to me — blank.  Probably too much traffic tonight.

Will retry tomorrow. So forgive the apparent tardiness.

Besides, by then we should have the results................if the weather cooperates.

Ok so what's the link to the TTT Live Online Broadcast? 


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