50+ Years of Panorama

Hate it, Love it, but - you can’t ignore it.  Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago has produced some of the greatest musical moments and pieces of our time. 


When Steel Talks takes a look at 50 Years of Panorama Music, Life & Culture.


Share here, your favorite and greatest Trinbago Panorama moments, the highs and lows, with the global steelpan community...


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  • Does anyone have a recording of "A Happy Song" composed by Roger George, arranged by Pelham Goddard as performed by XOSO??? 

    (!) 21 different voices have vocalized the 53 winning panorama tunes
    (2) 17 different arrangers works have won the panorama finals
    (3) 12 different Steel Orchestras have won all 53 finals
    (4) The Grand Master sang 18 of the 53 winning panorama pieces
    (6) The closest to him is De Fosto with 6
    (7) For 11 consecutive years, a Grand Master vocals was a winner
    (8) 4 females have sung the winning panorama tune
    (9) From 1963 through 1978 all the winning panorama songs were sung by The Grand Master and The Mighty Sparrow, except for the year 1965.

  • And I say $2million u.s,,,,on the low side,,,as far as I see it,,it really should be a million to each player,just as Soca,Calypso,Chutney Soca.THINK ABOUT IT,,,,WHY THE B IG IMBALANCE ,BETWEEN WHAT OTHER COMPETITORS RECEIVE,,AND WHAT PANIST GET?BLESSINGS.
  • Pantrinbago,,,,please its time that panist be compensated properly,,,,1million,is no money for a hundred and twenty players,,,,,plus arranger,plus driller,plus tuner or tuners,plus welders etc.When you split it up what can a panist really get ,after a month ,sometimes longer,,,of night after night in a panyard,,,spending their own money on food ,transportation etc. Trinidad is the richest island in the West Indies,,,Pan is our greatest invention,,panist should be compensated accordingly.One person winning,Soca,Calypso,Chutney Soca competitions,,,get a million and sometimes a car worth another $200,000. Come on its not fair to panist. They work as hard or even harder,to reach that big stage,,,,the talent ,the skill,the dedication that the panist put out ,cannot be compared. THE FIRST PRIZE IN PANORAMA SHOULD BE AT LEAST $2MILLION U.S,,,, BIG BUSINESS IN TRINIDAD CAN FUND THAT BY THEMSELVES. PANTRINBAGO STEP UP FOR YOUR PEOPLE,,YOU CAN GET IT DONE ,,ITS MORE THAN TIME OVER 50YEARS,COME ON PEOPLE.
  • 2015 - Sheldon Reid - Unquestionable - Trinidad All Stars (winner) - Leon "Smooth" Edwards (arranger)

  • Hello,

    Does anyone have a recording of Colin Lucas - Trini Gone Wild (2005)?

  • It's a sad day for "PAN" when the winners of the 1st "Panorama" was never acknowledge, members of Panam North Stars never even got a T-Shirt, and too make matters whorse, dedicating the 50th Anniversary toBertram "Bertie" Marshall, who "NEVER WON A PANORAMA, so what happened to the band who actually WON the panorama, and it's tuner and arranger Anthony Williams, DO THEY EXIST??? bad bad business PANTRINBAGO, shame on UUUU...

  • Just want to say a big thank you and congratulations to Leroy Clark and members of real steel on making history completing the hatrick on the 50th anniversary of the UK panorama 2014. Not to forget making history by winning with a tune composed by a British born Pannist who has won the BAS Steelpan soloist of Great Britain on 3 separate occasions and decided a collaboration with Trinidadian veteran calypsion the original Defosto and compose two land marks in the history of the Steelpan. Before I continue I must state that these achievements in combination will NEVER BE REPEATED In our life time and it will be the 100s Anniversary when. It can be done.
    1. 2013 Trinidad celebrated 50 years of panorama the composition We come out to play WON the small band panorama with BJ marshal arrangement with Arima golden symphony
    2. We come out to play was also the most played tune in Trinidad panorama 2013 I have records of 10 bands performing it there may be more that I have misted.

    3. 2014 London. Celebrates 50 years of panorama and the winning band performs my second composition Pan in the atmosphere and wins UK panorama.
    Just a little bit of the history of pan I would like to draw your attention to.
    Pan love and I am pan this goes to all Pannist world wide. Best wishes for panorama and in the future
    Warmest regards might jamma
  • Mr Anthony William must be nominated for the Peace Prize in Physics for the invention of  the Tenor pan in the cycle of fiths!

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