Renegades Steel Orchestra - De Fosto's"Four Lara Four' arr. by Jit Samaroo

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Renegades Steel orchestra were once again Panorama Champions on Finals night in 1995 with Jit Samaroo's arrangement of "Four Lara Four" by The Original De Fosto Himself.This was De Fosto's salute to Trinidadian cricket great, Brian Lara.

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  • Jerome Ebenezer Clarke , over the years Jit Samaroo came to be known as a very private individual who shied away from the spotlight.

    There are a few glimpses of him in some of Renegades performances, but not many.

    (BTW, I've never known an Ebenezer, except for the famous Mr Scrooge:) )

  • Four Lara Four was composed and sung by De Fosto not Merchant..but great performance I hope that I don't sound to biassed
  • This arrangement by Jit Samaroo is indeed excellent and have derived it,s reward,,But what i,ve noticed is that Jit hasn,t showed himself much in this video recording , such as those shown in other videos of numberless arrangers
  • I got this info from Sanch's website and found it interesting. When this tune was recorded in the pan yard prior to Panorama, it consisted of 120 players.

    34 Tenors, 6 Double-tenors, 16 Double-seconds, 6 Double-guitars, 7 Triple-cellos, 8 Four-cellos, 5 Quadrophonics, 4 Four-tenor basses, 6 Six-tenor basses, 6 Six-basses, 4 Nine-basses, 18 Rhythm section. Total 120

    I'm not sure if all 120 players performed at Panorama since there may have been a limit of 100 at the time , but this gives a pretty good example of the structure of a modern Panorama steelband.
  • This is my favourite all time from Jit. It has every thing. Thanks Bro. Glen

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