Pan Am North Stars - Hold On to Your Man & Mama Dis Is Mas

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  • Still sounding really great!!
  • I am in full agreement with the assessment of you PAN enthusiast.North Stars was a great band, they lead the way in the development of the tonal quality of this instrument.They were ahead of other bands in many things., The history of the steelband being very competitive from it's very origin gave other bands a goal to reach. I believe many bands from the West wanted to be like North Stars and I would also state that in my humble opinion Desperadoes rise in the sixties was based on emulating the Great  North Stars.

                                                          Hamilton "WEB" Alexander

  • Big Chune from a Borse Band! it is sad but true…the chances these days of epic melodies like this being created in Kaiso/Soca, are slim to none. Northstars were synonymous with innovation, discipline and professionalism. It shows here in this performance...

  • Every one that is connected with Pan knows that their are a number of categories from which a Panorama Tune is Judged . Arrangement is one . What about the others ? .

  • Steve "Carter"K. you got partially right 1965 Panorama Winner Cavaliers, played Melody, Melody Mas 2nd North Stars played Kitch, Hold On To Your Man and 3rd West Side Symphony played Kitch, Hold On To Your Man. If the Panorama was judge on arrangement Cavaliers would have ran third. Every one is entitle to his own opinion, my opinion is 1965 was the begining of Politics in Pan.  

  • If you were there at the 1965 Prelims and remained to the end you would have heard Cavaliers perform for they played last that evening and the patrons agreed unanimously that they were the winners that day. So that Final Night Victory was no surprise to those who had heard them in the Prelims. North Stars with 2 previous victories were of course the Favorites but Cavaliers with those Golden Harps on their all Black Pans rose to the occasion and delivered a performance that had the Savannah SPELL BOUND. There was no doubt about the results.
  • The tonal quality of Pan-Am in the sixties could of rivaled most steelbands at present. Even their arrangements were far beyond their years. They were far ahead of their time. It was a sad day for pan when they came off the scene. Thank Almighty God for technolgy so that we can still enjoy their sweet music. No band has ever shown such vast superiority, even to this day. Pan-Am leads where others merely follow. Pan-Am, 'Thanks for the music and the memories.'
  • @steve hilaire

    I agree with you Steve. i remember the word was that Tony Williams was pissed because he felt that he had a superior arrangement and Bobby beat him with bass and tempo.

    He may have a point, but on the other hand, Cavaliers performance that night changed Panorama forever.

  • Tony Williams is a genius. Cant believe that is a sixties band. spoke to him a few years ago and he said they lost to cavaliers because they come with plenty bass and they catch the judges with a kind a parang beat. he remembered after all these years
  • I'll be damned!What Power-Expression...........
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