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  • Collaborating with a maestro singer is no guarantee for success.

    Remember Magic Drum with Machel - everyone was sure, that's what over-confidence could breed.

    You have to perform well on final night and make sure the count is precise starting the piece.

  • Just re-read...listened to President Barack Obama's inauguration speech from yesterday, AGAIN today...

    and as I was listening to mind was hearing Black Stalin  singing... Nobody can do it for all ah we !

    We here in the USA need to listen to this tune again. Nobody can do it for all of  we !  We need to do it. Things only get better when WE do it.  Thank you, Stalin...great minds think alike. 

  • ALSO I wanted to comment that Stalin is a wonderful calypsonsian. So happy that he can keep guiding the way for us all, and help to make sure pan & calypso close.  Singing the love !

  • I was so very HAPPY last night TO HEAR AND SEE the live feed of Phase II from the pan yard. I say there can NEVER be too much love, and I KNOW Boogsie & Phase II has it to share.  Thank you all for showing love all these years. All the best from a fan in St Petersburg, FL USA who wishes she could be right there.

  • Really a big tune. hats off to Boogsie, Stalin and Leston. Interesting to see Solo Harmonites and Seion Gomez going with this jam.

  • This is for Balladorama!! Boogsie traditional melody, to turn into Panorama! I en hear de high!!

  • More Love people. Watch Sharpe share it on stage. Salah is so right -  take something simple and work with it - we all know what Boogsie is like but sometimes his capability is awesome so show some more love and wait for his musical rendition in the big yard. One Love and God Bless. 

  • I felt the song didn't have the drive the first time but it growing on me... lyrics is powerful the nation need to hear something positive in these time not just jump up and wine... knowing boogsie he can create a great musical piece with this lets wait and see.  

  •  the 2 best songs    / 1. MORE LOVE, 2.  FANTASTIC FRIDAY

  • Farah and james, give it a second listen and "mout pan" the melody, and u will appreciateit more, on my first pass, I was bored, Stalin does not have a great singing voice, and a slower tempo would have given it a better ear, but as I am typing it is growing more and more, stalin's voice sounds great and his diction is a bit muffled in the chorus, but it is a growing piece even though I think it should have been a bit slower, this is a long overdue vintage boogsie, praises to the team, 

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