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  • Can remember jumping to this on Eastern Parkway. Anything by Kitch gets an A from me.

  • Starlift Steel-Orchestra,were '71 Joint-Winners...playing:-"Queen Of The Band(s) by The Mighty. Sparrow,Arranged by Ray Holman..a Masterpiece!**Anyone has the complete Live Panorama Version?Part of it is on National Geographic's LP Record:I"The Music Of Trinidad"/A Sounds Of The World Recording From National Geographic Society.*Consultant: Percival Borde;Copyright 1971 National Geographic Society,Washington,D.C.20036(Info on the Record Jacket). **WST can maybe check the 'Society',their Archives ought to have preserved the Full performance! ASE! ----I.played with Starlift, and that night..just before we started ,Ray said:"AH Seein' Nutten but Victory Tonite!"A redeeming win,since we got into the Finals through:-"People's Choice"! One Love!
  • nice reeeeeal nice


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