Champion Panorama Tunes of Trinidad & Tobago


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  • Is there any way anyone would know if it was possible to access the actual "panorama night" versions of Starlift's winning efforts ("the Bull," "Queen of the Bands") in 1969/1971, or even their 2nd place rendition of Sparrow's "Panman" of 1970? I find it strange that we have access to most of the other finalists' renditions, and not one of Starlift at its peak!

  • @Patricia Riley - email for information

  • #onto2017socaride

  • How many pan in a rage was perfomed in the history of panorama the first one that comes to mind is 1981 when that was a composition of Len Boogsie Sharpe go research yourself i know this because i am the one who wrote the lyrics for that boogsie composition.

  • @ PAN TIMES & Glenroy: The missing 9 tunes are available for completion of this list.

  • Have not thought of  good ole calypso in ah long time. Brings back those days to mind. Thank you for listing them for us

  • A friend of mines asked me a question. She asked me if I felt that the bands that play "Gold" had a good chance of winning due to playing a tune in tribute to the yountg man that won the gold medal. I told her I didnt think that would happen, hence the reason I wrote this comment. I invite debate.

  • Robert I just realized that I missed  the letter, I. as in, "I do apologize" (lol) .


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