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  • Well leh meh tell all yuh this one is real backankleanall,sory i meant backanall but the ankle got twis up in dey.!!!!

  • The is different for Boogsie i like it sweet sweet sweet, we have to wait for final night Phase 2 all the way.

  • The melody is good, but too many stops.

    Nigel did some nice work with the lyrics.

    And yes,sounds like something we did before. Yup!!!

  • I have the experts say the same thing about classical or popular music pieces. Robin Thicke bite the same damn runs from Marvin Gaye. Like I said only the judges opinions count.
  • One doesn't have to be an expert or an official judge, yet if he listens well he can safely trust his ears to know whether he is hearing what he heard many times before. The official judges are not concerned with that aspect of the renditions. As long as the band plays what they are playing well, the official judges will adjudicate on that and not on if 'yuh damblay' but seasoned pan lovers will always know if they are hearing the same runs and nuances again.

  • The tune have real room for exploration between Semis and Finals as Boogsie is known to do. As meh partner say, everyone in T&T is an Expert and/or a Judge. Let's hope the rendition makes the Panorama Judges Jump High, because dem is de only opinion which counts on the Barbargreen, ent...
  • Another dimension from Boogsie, so much different again. Keep taking the music higher and higher, Phase 2, I wish you the best. I hope that certain bands don't 'damblay'  as they are apt to do. I hope we have a 2014 Panorama with much more creativity where arrangement is concerned. Good luck to all bands!

  • As only Sharpe can right those  melody ,lots of room to emprovise

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