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The story about the steelpan bassman from hell. -- Audio version Bass Man - Mighty Shadow (1974) Written by Winston Bailey [verse 1] I was planning to forget Calypso And go and plant peas in Tobago But I am afraid I can't make the grade Cause every night I lie down in meh bed I hearing a bass man in meh head [chorus] I don't know how this thing get inside me But every morning, he driving me crazy Like he taking meh head for a pan yard Morning and evening, like this fella gone mad (pim pom) And if I don't want to sing (pim pom) When he start to do he ting I don't want to, but I have to sing (pim pom) And if I don't want to dance (pim pom) He does have me in a trance I don't want to, but I have to prance to his... (pom pom pidi pom, pom...) [verse 2] One night I said to the bassman Give me your identification He said "is me Farell" Your bass man from hell You tell me you singing Calypso And I come up to pull some notes for you [repeat chorus] I went and I tell Mr Lee Yeung I want a brain operation A man in meh head I want him to dead He said it's my imagination But I know I hearing the bass man [repeat chorus]

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  • De bassman in mi head. Sweet memories of that year's carnival. Thanks for the memories.

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