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Does anyone here know how pan first came to Barbados or Jamaica? Steel bands are very popular in those islands, but who took the instrument there in the first place on why? and when?

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Hi Mr Cezair.  I believe you were speaking tongue and cheek and that is okay.  I will not enter a debate about calypso and its originators.  You would have to talk to Chalkie about that one.  Re steelpan, I cannot think about any right-thinking Bajan who would claim to be the originator of this great instrument.  We can claim Joseph Griffith, who accompanied those players to the Festival of Britain in 1951.  Even if we wanted to make the claim, it would not make us look too good in the steelpan world, simply because we have not made many strides in this arena.  We do not even have a Panorama.

So no Wayne we will NOT tell you that we created steelpan.

I once had a Bajan Girlfriend that made a remark ( in our Queens Park Savannah, Panorama  Night, while WITCO Desperadoes were on stage in 2000). The remark was that Barbados was the land of the Steelpan. I asked her if she said that for me to laugh. 

LOL Bertel. 

Can't say when the first steel and was formed in Jamaica or Barbados, but I went with a band (Dixie Stars) to Jamaica in 1953. As I remember there were no local bands at that time. Also to Barbados with Tropitones in 1955 to play at the opening of a new nightclub. Don't think there were any steel bands operating there at the time........ But who knows? Somebody in those islands may have the information .


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