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What is a patent?

Ans: a patent is the exclusive ownership right of an invention.

What is an invention?

Ans: an invention is something done, and exist for the very first time, in our universe, in this case, Anthony Williams and S.N.S.E. (aka) St James North stars Steel orchestra Enterprise, original inventors, developers and owners of the said circle of 4ths & 5ths technology derived in 1949, patented and copyrighted 18thSeptember 1963, after we utilizing  said technology to win the 1962 Music Festival 16th April, where copyright is automatic upon registration, in accordance with the Copyright Act of T&T (Chapter) 82:80 of the act, also, a Patent cannot I reiterate, cannot be transferred  to another or anyone else after it has been registered, nor can it be twice re-patented by the same creators/owners.

What is a universe?

Ans: the universe is a systemization/order of planets, that evolves in a cycle, around the “sun” which happens to be the center of the solar system, from west to east, at a speed of //////, to be disclosed at another time, and so does the main seven planets that derived our musical system, that we use today, these planets are, “Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, each of these planets evolves/moves at different speeds, the smallest the fastest, and the larger the slowest, each planet speed determine a musical note, in the/our musical system, which was discovered by “Greek Mathination, Pythagoras”  500 B.C. I’m again, not going to disclose the speed of each planet or note, because this is to be imbedded in the “text” of the “ORICAL”, which discloses Anthony Williams’s vision of his work.

What is a cycle?

Ans: a cycle is when something evolves or moves in one direction, repeatedly, like the solar system, life is a cycle, from younger to older, it does not reverse or move back from whence it came.

What is a circle?

Ans: a circle is when something or someone moves around left to right and right to left, such is the circle of 4th s & 5th s technology, information's and lessons R OVER, I'm not going to ever disclose any more secrets of this technology to anyone...

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