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Do you remember this slogan (PAN IS BEAUTIFUL)? Is Pan still beautiful or will the BIG 5 (ISF) give Pan a needed facelift to Charm the world again?

Not long ago I remember this slogan Pan is Beautiful, But in recent times things has change dramatically. Pantrinbago in debt, players not getting paid, So to right the ship, up comes the New Visionaries, CIP, UPPM, Gregory Lindsay, Aquil and others to steer the ship to safety and put Pan on firm ground. Pan has raised its ugly head in the Mecca of Pan, even on the forum a few members have no respect for the opinions of some members, I taught we were all on the same page where Pan is concern. maybe it is possible for the BIG 5 (ISF) to give Pan the facelift it needs to make pan beautiful again. this is a line from Cro Cro Calyso posted below and I quote ( Way Pan reach ) posted below before I am accused of PLAGIARISM or one of many COPELAND on this forum.

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Pan has reach far in Foreign  how far has it reach Locally in the Mecca of Pan, Entire neighborhoods have been built Locally in a short space of time, but the steelband headquarters is in limbo. How much Administrative skills is needed to complete this building with a studio for proper recording of Pan Music. How much longer will Patrinbago be able to use Pan players funds for their own pleasure with no transparency and  accountability.Andy Narell teams up with Lord Relator to showcase how good Calypso and Pan fuses together in Foreign, Boogsie the best Pan soloist with Phase 11 and Lord Relator would have done a god show locally., What happen to Steel band of the day on the radio and live steel band music on TV once a week as was done in the early days of Pan. If Pan does not need a facelift in the Mecca of Pan then why do we have the N.V.,CIP.UPPM, Gregory Lindsay, Aquil trying their best to make Pan better Locally. Is it a lack of Administrative skills or a lack of FORSYTH .

Pan needs an UPGRADE, technology has revolutionized how we communicate with each other and how we interact in the Global market place. Internet access is now considered a human right, that's another debate. Each Panyard should have a dedicated YouTube channel with a PayPal account. You can't depend on the old way of doing business selling your musical product. If you are not able to develop on what you have available locally, then I can understand the term face-lift correct me if I'm wrong. Exodus have been innovative in utilizing technology always ahead in the game they were the architects behind Pan Ramajay, will other steelbands follow their LEAD, any impact on their SOUND? Would like to hear from the experts.

No matter how many videos you produce for foreign consumption, there are those who will not listen to the music, they only see Pan in canopies on a stage. Your global market should be far and wide not limited to West Indian communities in foreign. 


Exodus sounds great and the visual impact of the players is tremendous without canopies, I remember Renegades playing in a Panorama finals with out canopies and have not tried it again. If the Global market only see Pan in canopies on a stage, Is it Panorama we are marketing to the world or many other things pan can do outside of Panorama. 

Earl Richards: Do you think PANORAMA MUSIC is marketable outside of the Caribbean Pockets around the Globe?

Because of the influence of EXPATS living all over the Globe I believe Panorama Music is marketable outside of the Caribbean and Woman on the Bass by  Trinidad All  Stars is well played and famous around the Globe and that is Panorama Music.

Playing your music is one thing, the marketing should be giving you returns on your musical product/investment, we talking EARNING$$$ coming back to the Steelbands, Pan Men and Women.

For example, if you own your content on YouTube based on viewership advertisers pay You Tube to run ads based on your videos popularity, some are based on the platforms they are viewed, a PS4, a Wi-Fi DVD player, cell phone or any new app/device that gives access to YouTube, Apple streaming a different revenue source.

Understanding the relationship with ad buys, you can monetize your bands videos or individual performances, the revenue can go directly into your bands online account. No third-party arrangement.

odw, I'm not concerned about technology as much as the players attitude. Today in the Mecca the problem is what happens after Panorama, what is done after will determine the future. At this point an "after Panorama" program is needed.

Cecil: For years people have been screaming about the "beyond Panorama  dream" on this forum. THE BIG 5 CONCERT on SATURDAY is going to be a REAL BIG TEST for STEELBAND MUSIC after Panorama that is NOT FREE. Personally, I think that the show is going to be very sparsely attended -- but I hope that I am wrong. I hope the BIG 5 does not lose fate after this initial concert.

Your "after Panorama program" needs LEADERSHIP and VISION and ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS. Until somebody (or some group of players) could put that team together -- PAN will live in a world of BEFORE PANORAMA and AFTER PANORAMA.

And now that we have THE UPPM and THE CIP and THE BIG 5 along with THE DO NOTHING PAN TRINBAGO EXECUTIVE -- it will be almost impossible for some NEW GROUP to gain any traction. So plenty people on this forum will DIE and leave the PAN TING just where it is.

We can bring back Pan Ramajay, identify the young Boogsies via pan soloist competitions. There are many products that can be developed for the market-place both Locally and Globally.

YouTube have been creating internet millionaires among young entrepreneurs who are able to use a "hand-held" device and broadcast themselves across the Globe. We are doing our kids a dis-service not allowing them to explore these possibilities with their music. I used the term "electronic classroom" for Pan in Schools on here before not sure if some understand what I meant, the term "flipping the classrooms is where the traditional teaching mode is moving to a more internet based learning, in a recent Express newspaper article I saw the President and Panday using the term "smart classroom" at Naparima College, same ting.

There a reason Bill Gates was donating free laptops to kids in inner city schools. Microsoft operating system is used on these devices, its still the dominant software used in computer operating systems across the globe.  Technology is changing everything. Advertisers and marketers are following the money its all based on viewership....check out the trend on E-sports the online gaming industry. Kids starting at the age of 15 are able to enter in professional tournaments for big prize money.  The data is impressive, online viewership exceeds the TV audiences.

E-sports: the world’s biggest spectacle you’ve never heard of...

THE prize money is more than the Superbowl, the TV audience is more than an NBA final and the crowd numbers rival big UFC event.E-sports has become huge business over the past five years, with professional video gaming tournaments offering more prize money than some of sport’s biggest events.

This year’s Defence of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 prize pool is currently sitting at nearly $US10.8 million and is expected to be up to $US15 million by the time the tournament actually starts.

To put that into perspective, the prize money for winning the Superbowl is $US8.5 million, while the ICC Cricket World Cup offers $US10 million and UEFA’s Europa League $US9 million.

The 2014 League of Legends championship was watched by more than 27 million people when broadcast on ESPN. Those numbers eclipsed the audiences for both game seven of last year’s baseball World Series (23.5 million viewers) and the decider of 2014’s NBA Finals (18 million).

With big popularity and big money involved these days, more and more people across the world are considering pro-gaming as a genuine career.


CH; a man like you from St James, asking "what happens after Panorama", ??? therefore, I am asking you what use to happen before Panorama began in 1963 ???, answer, the 1946 1st Island Wide Music Festival off Wrightson Road, won by "Young Sunvallians" aka St James Sun valley", etc, remember bands coming out on the road at night, "Invaders, Crossfire, Crossroads, Grow More Food, aka Tripoli, Cairo, coming out on the road at night, remember your band "Symphonetts" from Benarie Street just parading the street with no panorama or competition to prepare for ? ever arranger were doing their own thing, no one was copying the other, every band had their own original style and sound, Invaders, Sun valley, Katsanjammers, Blue Stars, Ebonights, Wonder Harps, Ft George Syncopaters, Boys Town, All Aces, from Boisseere ? , Green Eyes, Silver Stars , Pan Pioneers, from Coco rite, Bell Stars from Brieves Road, Casablanca, Renegades, City Syncopates, Dem Fortunate s, Kin tops, Tokyo, Dixie Land, City Symphony, Hi Landers, Nutrine Playboys, Harlem Nightingales New town Nightingales, All Stars Desperadoes, Saigon, etc etc etc, the issue or problem is NOT with the pan or it's technology, it's the arrangers and their "modus operandi", (a method of procedure), in those days we were involve wth playing any kind of music we could get our hands on, in order to over shadow all the other musical instruments out there, piano, guitar, you name it, we did it, so all this what to do after panorama nonsense, pan is dying, foreign players are better than T&T local is pure "BULLSHIT", everyone is thinkng that something's wrong with the pan, the pan's fine, the people around the pan is the problem, they DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE DOING...


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