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GREGORY LINDSAY: Come and give us THE REAL SCOOP, man!!!

I just making up FAKE NEWS to keep THE FORUM alive.

Tell us your version of BIG THURSDAY in PAN T&T!!!

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Succinctly put,...that entire matter going and be tied up in Court...Lawyer vs Lawyer..Judge vs Judge...Appeals being filed,... With a court system that moves like molasses, the organization will be lucky if this matter resolves before the judicial recess...all paid for with pan association funds, taxpayers dollars

The new injunction filed is between Forteau & Company vs Keith Diaz....Case calling Friday May 25, 2018....Hold on for the ride!!

That is what I Iike about you, Gregory!!! You are a straight shooter and you could face the music (musical facts) and dance!!! And yuh could take JAMMIN from jokers like me without getting VEX.

But it just seemed to be headed in that direction to cynics like me.

Ah feel like ah have to go and say some prayers or work some OBEAH to fix this PAN TRINBAGO TING.

Thanks for the UPDATE, BROTHER!!!

Claude, Russell and all contributors on WST network.

Here is Some advice I give myself: listen more than I speak; ask many questions ; show real interest in my band membership; ask what they like about their roles and what could be enhanced or improved. Regarding administration provocation, I am not making anymore big statements in the foreseeable near future regarding affairs at 14-17 Park Street. I eschew violence, lest it is in self defence.... Sending you good thoughts and best wishes. Crystal Ball autopilot On!.....lol

It gets "Curiouser and curiouser" by the minute...


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