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MX Prime: It’s about how long your star can shine

Most of us would have danced to the infectious sounds of MX Prime (Edghill Thomas) and his group Ultimate Reject’s (Johann Seaton, Joel Aming and Avaron Vanloo) monster hit Full Extreme for Carnival 2017.

When I first interviewed the then 29-year-old known as Maximus Dan in 2008, he was intent on becoming a recording studio mogul, a “music entrepreneur” was the descriptive he used.

While that is still his intention, delivery of the most popular Road March hit got in the way in 2017.

He had already become well known for his unique styling and blend of Caribbean music (essentially a blend of soca and dancehall vibes). His biggest hit back then was Fighter, which was made for the Soca Warriors, T&T’s national football team in 2006 and became the rallying song for the first ever appearance by T&T in the finals of the football World Cup in Germany… “I wanted to have a song to sing to infinity…till God come. I didn’t want it to just be a football song.”

Well that was certainly the case wherever he performed his smash hit for 2017, Full Extreme, which became the most popular among Road March songs ever, being played 556 times on the road.

His other hits include Obeah Man, Lash Satan, War, Kick It Way, Love Generation, Hosanna Fire, a remake of Gypsy’s Soca Train, Earthquake, and Order.

What is your Road March 2017 hit all about?

It is based on the current economic climate, the downturn…even though things are tight we will find a way to cope. It starts off about me and how I feel like a new machine having lost 60 pounds in two years and my wanting to celebrate. It then brings in “we”…we jamming still, life is filled with obstacles but we have to pick up the pieces, have faith, pick up the pieces, move on.


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A lot of pressure on him to get back in the MIX in 2018!!!

Rainorama/Get Something and Wave/High Mass/Full Extreme: Time and Chance!!!

When "Old People" get on your case to do something it's wise to do it, a very smart young man.


As the saying goes AGE is Wisdom and Wisdom is the correct use of knowledge. What an amazing story. The song has global appeal.

We jammin still 2017 Soca

odw, I don't know when they will listen to "Old People" when we tell them Pan In the Mecca have no where to go but back on the road, rolling.

Not only on the road , Cecil

For the betterment of the culture , pan should be the centerpiece of the entire carnival.

Glenroy carnival today is broken so bad that there are no spectators, my hope is for the powers that be make a serious effort to find solutions which should include the steelband.

Perseverance......that's what it's all about.  MXPrime...you are an example of that....Thank you and the Ultimate Rejects for the best carnival I have had in a long long time....


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