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“When I’m playing a song I want to impress myself. I want to grow in front of the audience,” Aaron Abrahamson Cotesays. 

Cote is recognized as one of the most elite percussionists on the live music scene in Rhode Island. He’s also performed in 35 countries.

With a masters degree in music performance, Cote says he’s been able to build his understanding of the steel pan (commonly known as the steel drum) and connect with others because there is a lot of positive energy in the music. 

Besides performing at multiple venues in Rhode Island, Cote says he’s working on writing two more books for steel pan music. 


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Great that you feel the spirit of The Steelpan but, it IS known as the Steelpan and IS commonly called the Steelpan, NOT steel drum which is a name created by others and not the creators of the instrument.

WHAT UTTER NONSENSE, what do you think the pan IS ??? a pan is a small rounded metal container, and a drum is a much larger also rounded container, aka a drum, therefore; they can call it anything they want, pan, drum, it's all one and the same thing, it's thinking like that is what has the instrument in LIMBO..,

No wonder indigenous names, artforms and history is lost to this generation and the one to come because of thinking like yours "let them call it what they want"! Calling something by the name it was given has nothing to do with preventing it's growth, it's about respecting it's origins. Funny how other countries never settled for their instruments or other indigenous artform to be called by whatever people want to call it eg. saxophone and others which were mixed with the inventor's name. From it's humble beginings to this day nobody in Trindad and Tobago including you i'm sure never said they play "steeldrum" but you and others think it's the benefit of the instrument that ppl call it what they want...then i suggest if and when someone pronounces your name or spell it wrong, don't correct them because you're human so they can call you what they want.

T Sticks, U don't know who did what, when, where, why or how, it is what it is, talk about ARROGANCE ??? U TOOK THE CAKE and, there's something call freedom of speech, that happens to be, everyone RIGHT, in case U DON'T KNOW, John Sax invented the Saxophone, the Guitar came from India, the Drum from Africa, anything else you'd like to know ? I have to go and modulate some steel pan/drums musical instruments for a school, Anthony Williams style, do you mind if I go now dummy ??? ha ha ha lol, no intelligence what so ever...... ...

This is definitely the last exchange with you but, i must say this before i do. All the arrogance been displayed here is coming from you because you seem to think you know everything about everything, perfect example is, you don't know me at all and has already convinced yourself that you do by hurling insults about my inteligence and what you think you know about me and that says a great deal about you, oh and by the way, the term "freedom of speech" as you so gallantly mentioned, also means people having different opinions to yours unless your take on that is you alone can have that freedom and those who don't share yours are "arrogant, lack inteligence and are dummies"   so, without further ado, I wish you well with your super inteligence. 

Every time TRINIS see a WHITE MAN playing the PAN/STEEL PAN/STEEL DRUM/or playing in a STEELBAND -- they does just DIE INSIDE. But ah done tell allyuh that with over 700 schools (and more and more sprouting) teaching PAN in America, it go have plenty plenty WHITE BOYS (with diverse musical backgrounds) emerging and representing the instrument all over the WORLD.

The ISF better get serious and get some TRINI MEN out in the GLOBAL MIX.

Aaron Abrahamson Cote, your exhibit is GREAT but, you need to get more of the pan's history correct, Ellie Mannette DID NOT create any of the 7 voices as or is alleged, he did, he FORGED THEM, Anthony Williams derived the circle of 4ths and 5ths in 1949, as well as the whole tone double seconds etc etc etc, the diminish high bass, augmented cellos, and the basses as well, all these intervals and/or assessment order of notes on the steel drum/pan musical instruments, prior to that, Carlton "sonny/sire" Roach invented the 1st hand hell ping pong or tenor pan in 1936, as it is called today, and the single second pan also called the strummer or strumming pan in 1946, these FACTS NEEDS TO BE KNOWN, the wrong person is being credited with, this is called someone else hard WORK, this is called PLAGIARISM, I know that is what you were told, but it's incorrect OK , no offense meant and none intended, keep up the good work and good luck in the future ...


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