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odw replied to Claude Gonzales's discussion THREE MONTHS to the PAN TRINBAGO ELECTIONS and how come all the candidates SO QUIET?
"From a business stand-point... In Times Of Change, “What’s In It For Me?” Is The Question You Need To Answer We’re all self-centered. So as a leader, you need to make sure your people know they’re being treated right…"
odw replied to Claude Gonzales's discussion Gunmen kill 3 and wound 5 in Chaguaramas ... and that doh faze NOBODY!!!
"One road in & out - how did Chaguaramas killers escape? Saying T&T's law enforcement strategies were woefully inadequate, the source said the National Operations Centre was supposed to coordinate all arms of national security so that in…"
odw posted a discussion

Race and economic opportunity in the United States

Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, Maggie R. Jones, Sonya R. Porter 27 June 2018The sources of racial disparities in income have been debated for decades. This column uses data on 20 million children and their parents to show how racial disparities persist across generations in the US. For instance, black men have much lower chances of climbing the income ladder than white men even if they grow up on the same block. In contrast, black and white women have similar rates of mobility. The column…See More
Jul 7
odw replied to Pan Times's discussion Court urges PanTrinbago execs - Set aside differences
"My late Grandmother used to say “Dog doh make Cat.” All is fair in Love and War. Who gets the last laugh?"
Jul 4
odw replied to Pan Times's discussion Dangers of corruption
"“a social conscience is a dangerous thing in this society. More than that, you likely to lose friends, your life likely to get lonely and narrowed too." And these days, it may be your life."
Jul 2
odw replied to Pan Times's discussion The Secretary of Pan Trinbago will go on a Daily Fast.
"Yes Claude, yuh rite!  Dr Dolly knows a lot about the FASTING ting.  Pan Trinbago executives time to go on a $lim FAST diet."
Jun 24
"Married to the Mob | Real Time with Bill Maher Steelband Wars Mob culture and Bad John culture looks the same to me...who's following the MONEY???"
May 28
odw replied to Pan Times's discussion WeBeat to honour Power Stars
"Power Stars - It's Showtime Party Fever T&Tec Power Stars 1982 Steelband Panorama Finals"
May 26
odw replied to Pan Times's discussion The Constitution of PanTrinbago Inc.
"merrytonestothebone: I hear you, the list below are registered schools over 700 plus, something to ponder for those not willing to take action and LEAD.  From National Society of Steelband Educators U.S. and Canadian K-12 and Collegiate Steel…"
May 26
odw replied to Pan Times's discussion The Constitution of PanTrinbago Inc.
"Small & Medium Bands should start their own Association. The fact that PT is bankrupt, they can start fresh with the funds on hold from NCC. Where are these funds being held? Is it in an interest bearing account? Whats the interest rate on the…"
May 26
odw replied to Glenroy R Joseph's discussion Some thoughts on the Pan Trinbago controversies.....
""I happen to think that the major issue negatively affecting the art-form is the lack of a positive vision for the future of the steelband in the culture of T&T, especially in finding ways to generate income from sources such as the…"
May 19
odw replied to Russell Providence's discussion The Battle for 14-17 park Street, Port of Spain Part VI. The Special Convention.
"If that's your DESIRE so be it... Richard Forteau and the other embattled members of Pan Trinbago's central executive have now found a willing ally in Bryon Serrette, whose only desire in not "To Kill A Cat" like Black Prince,…"
May 17
odw replied to Cecil hinkson's discussion THE PANORAMA PIE...
"What a SAD day for the pan players, our forefathers must be turning in their GRAVES; they started a revolution for equal justice in the drumming traditions that SCARED the shit out of their Colonial masters. Today pan players still in servitude,…"
May 13
odw replied to earl richards's discussion Russel Providence vs Aquil,Claude vs Cecil, CIP and New Visionaries vs Pantrinbago,Bugs,Noah,MTTB also in the mix and last time i checked Pantrinbago still the BOSS.
"The Bands and Pan players are married to the MOB..."Pantrinbago and their gansta executives." Married to the Mob"
May 12
odw replied to Claude Gonzales's discussion PEOPLE should THANK RUSSELL PROVIDENCE for BRINGING THE FORUM TO LIFE ...
"Found this comment note-worthy from this Guardian article... http://www.guardian.co.tt/business/2018-05-04/mottley-team-energy-talks Mottley on team for energy talks Hector Carrington "Kay Reece, you're correct. Private and public T&T…"
May 7
odw replied to Claude Gonzales's discussion SUMMARY: Of all the THOUSANDS of PAN MEN in TRINIDAD, Byron Serrette is the only one who UNDERSTANDS the PAN TRINBAGO CONSTITUTION!
"" And Byron Serrette only watching them and laughing." Brian is the author of Pan Trinbago CONSTITUTION...that should explain his understanding of the situation.    "
May 5

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At 6:48pm on April 15, 2017, Fitzy T. Spencer said…


Hi My name is Fitzy Spencer from the republic of Trinidad & Tobago, and would like to get in contact with you, could you please drop me a line my e mail add:trinityta22@hotmail.com

Thank you

At 12:37am on November 9, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…

ODW my brother, I've surgested to the New Visionaries that, Keith Diaz has violated every one of the Constitutional By Laws of the Act No 5 of 1986, an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE, which will remove him from office, via a Legislative Proposal to the Prime Minister and the President of T&T office, a FINANCIAL AUDIT will be warranted, a mandatory proceedure, that will do the TRICK...

At 9:58pm on October 5, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…

U tell them ODW, I've GOT YOUR BACK ...

At 1:11pm on October 5, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…

ODW my brother, you sound like a PHILOSOPHER, keep it coming man...

At 10:11pm on September 22, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…

ODW my good man, no probIem, got your back, and BEDE as well...

At 12:03am on September 21, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…

ODW; do u really believe that 75th anniversary rubbish? the only thing that is accurate there in the Boysie Singh issue,  Invaders derived from "Oval Boy's" in 1949, who was a dust bin band untill 1946, Oval Boy's derived/came from "Green Eyes and Katsenjammers" dust bin bands  in 1945, how could they be celebrating there 75th anniversary, I personally heard Ellie Mannette on "Gayel" TV in T&T saying that HE, started Oval Boy's in 1938, when their was only ONE dust bin band with paint pan "ping pong, and bugle, playing melody, with bamboo tamboo sticks etc,  from St James that band was Harlem Nightingales, and in 1939 the "Alexander Rag Time band" arrived with fake music sheet's on the road, I question everything these people is saying, because it's not TRUE, for me, from the depth of truth, knowledge is free, the mind is without fear, and the head is held high, so ODW my friend, these people R LYING to U... my 87 year old "MOM" say's I should keep what I know to myself...

At 1:53pm on August 25, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…

WELL SAID ODW, of course U R not emotionally blinded, that's because U can see the forrest AND the TREE"S, as for the Patent Right's, and as CEO of St James Northstars Steel orchestra Enterprise ( SNSE ), I can safely say that NO lawyer,is gonna/can litigate the patent right's, Reason's Y (1) the 4ths & 5ths techonology derived in 1949/50, and was Design Patent, Trademark, where Copyright is automatic as the Copyright Act has jurisdiction over all Design, Patent, Trademark, and Moral Rights etc, all are OWNER PROPERTY RIGHT'S, according to the Copyright Act ( Chapter 82:80 ) section (2) to (5), the Author/inventor of a work is the person who creates it and he, in this case "Anthony Williams", or his employer, in this case SNSE, is normally the first owner of the Copyright, which will last untill 70 years after author's death,   there are also Joint Author Ship and Collective works Right's, of this technology, as a Patent CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED, BUT a Copyright can, that is Y Brian R. Copeland et al/and others is owing SNSE $73 million in triplecate, when they failed to file a timely defense, and where they had THEIR JUDGE throw out / dismiss our claim, implementing OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE after SNSE had already file for JUDGMENT, so ODW I know what UR saying man...

At 9:20pm on August 10, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…


At 5:33pm on August 5, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…

ODW, I almost forgot that, I heard him saying on " Local TV", saying that he Ellie started "Oval Boys" in 1938 when there we no "Oval Boy's" as yet,  as it was his older brother Milton"ossie" Mannette and his nephew Herman Gomez who started the band in 1946, personally, I DO NOT LIKE LIERS, A LIER COULD THIEF, and A THIEF COULD KILL...

At 5:21pm on August 5, 2015, Juanitto Jordano Jorda'ninho said…

ODW, just got your response comment, what father of the modern day steel pan ??? Ellie did'nt invent anything either, the Invaders tenor pan with F# in the middle, was created by his nephew Herman La Carieo - Gomez his older sister's son born in San Soci Toco, the double second he copyed / forged from Anthony Williams while on tour with TASPO, U can see Ellie sitting in front of Williams in the TASPO photo, Williams said he/Ellie, was always looking back at his pan's, Andrew "pan" De Labastide confirmed in to me 1979 at his home in Inglewood CA, with Robbie Greenidge present, and "Theo" Stephens in Florida 1994 with Clive Chaman of Silver Strings Combo, and bass guitarist for the "Jeff Beck" rock band a witness to that conversation, you see ODW, I know alot about the men who actually did, men like Roach, Williams, "percy" Thomas, Jules, Gomez, Barquin, "cecli" Ward, even Lt Joseph " nathanial" Griffith from TASPO, but I know alot more about "Ellie" than even he think's, he doesn't even know that he and my "Mom" are first cousin's, both born in San Soci Toco the same year my Mom in March, and him in November of 1928, so I know exactly what U R saying ODW..



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