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$95,000.00 for the E.R.O. whilst the steel band leaders and players have not and will not get their moneys.

This was sent to my band's email address. What are your thoughts?


By Aquil Arrindell


A serious power play is taking place at the head office and, as far as C.I.P. members understand, it is all orchestrated by PT’s financial advisor. The C.I.P. has possession of a letter that was sent by the secretary to the N.C.C. and the line Minister, Dr. Dolly, that basically says that Mr. Diaz is no longer in charge. This is according to one of C.I.P.’s members, who had a discussion with the president. The president also confirmed in that discussion that the E.R.O. collected, without his knowledge, a sum of ninety-five
thousand dollars. Whether or not the president is telling the truth is left to be seen. 


It was reported that the new president of P.T., Mr. Photo, who has been unconstitutionally selected by the collapsed executive, gave the okay to pay Mr. D. Shepherd, ninety-five thousand dollars. This is not a surprise to any C.I.P. member because we have been telling our membership that the panorama is being used as a platform to make money for this executive and not the organization.  


Reports have it that a receipt was discovered by the staff of the treasury department about the alleged payment. Following that, all the workers walked out the department in disgust. Their issue is that the organisation doesn’t have the ability to pay staff, buy office supplies, pay rent, pay phone bills during the year, yet still, one person can receive ninety-five thousand dollars from the treasurer; signed by a trustee; agreed to by the rest of the executive; from a non-profit organization. Who knows what the rest collected?


It is also being said that if P.T. collected all its money from N.C.C., the executive still would not have enough to pay the reduced $1000 to $500 figure for pan players and the prize money for bands. If this is so, how can our central executive’s officers, knowing that we put them there to seek our interests, only protect their own personal interests? The C.I.P.’s members, none for whom depend on the players’ cheques, protested in the sun; protested at meetings; tried to make representation at NCC; brought motions to the floor; wrote articles every week; and continue to educate and sensitize our members of the characters leading our organization. Yet still, a number of band leaders wait until all the executives ‘fall out’ over the little money there is left to “thief”, sorry, pay themselves. The C.I.P. knew that after the carnival season you would not have gotten what they promised. We told you that they did not even put the prize structure in the rules. Still, they gave the assurance that prize money would remain the same. As C.I.P. warned you of the potential exploitation, some players and band leaders, and arrangers, encouraged it with excuses like ‘what about our sponsors’; ‘we like to play for the bright lights’ and ‘arrangers have to eat ah food’. Well, believe it or not, you and your bands became the executive’s sponsors and the bright lights shining on them now as they are eating all your food whilst you are now starving.


Now that the organization has a little money, they will find all kinds of excuses to justify why they should pay themselves. Giving themselves titles like Events Manger etc., filling their faces with pan people’s money. So to all the band leaders who ask C.I.P.’s members “Why we can’t wait until election?”, this is your answer, “They go thief out all your money before October”. To all C.I.P. members, thank you for being brave soldiers and for standing for what is right. I do hope that now, after seeing that them fellas doing what they want; colluding with the financial advisor and the fact that we do not have a president elect running our organization, all our membership would unite and get them out fast. We want elections now.


Document of Concerned Individuals For Pan.  



Ps: check document attached.


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Aquil, I cannot understand why it's so difficult for people to understand what CIP stands for.

i can understand doh.

the reason is that people  judge others in relativity of they own standards..which is fair. i do it, you do it, everyone does it. So most people think the opposition party is always preparing to take over..... it is the norm in Trinidad.... so to think the CIP as an organization not bring a slate to contests the election is far fetch for the simple minded. 

The CIP is probably  ahead of it time.

i will say it again.

CIP is not a political group.

non of its members Thus far, have express interest for presidency, however if any do, it is their constitutional right, as well as it is the right of any members of the CIP group, who are seeking office in other positions.

The CIP as a group has not decided thus far to throw support behind any individual. 

our main concern,  is not the who governing us it is the what governing us. 

constitution needs to change; policies need to change.

how much million we owing now? Still just 30 mill?

The CIP dead, you say that the other day....

Now you talking about a bed..... Like we were asleep


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