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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C. is a social and cultural body, incorporated by an act of Parliament, Act 5 of 1986 that clearly states its role and function which is further enhanced by cabinet minute no. 2007 of August 7, 1997 - Arrangements for Carnival 1998 and beyond.

Suddenly, in 2017 leading up to the national festival which is Carnival, where the organization produces the national Panorama competition as is the custom, to be a major part of the Carnival, the government of the day through the Ministry of Community Development Culture and the Arts, and the National Carnival Commission (NCC), is hell bent on usurping the role of Pan Trinbago and the two other major interest groups in the national festival and the authority given to them by the acts and the cabinet note of 1998.

Pan Trinbago views this as an infringement of the right to enjoy the fullness of our heritage instrument that was carved out through blood, sweat and tears by our pioneers who suffered humiliation and disrespect by the very society who labelled them rouges and vagabonds and outcasts. Today, after long and continuous struggles and sacrifices to develop this, our indigenous art form, and bring the entertainment and the performance aspect of the industry to an established level of acceptance, whilst we continue to aggressively pursue the production and manufacturing lines of a product that we have nurtured and developed from nothing to a potential billion dollar industry.

Suddenly, to them, we are unable to manage anything, and a forensic audit will be done on Pan Trinbago after the Carnival. We are not averse to any audit. However, for the past twenty years, Pan Trinbago has been providing our members and the line ministry including the National Carnival Commission with an audited statement which shows the state of our finances. Unlike the NCC, who have not had a financial audit into its accounts since 2004, and is in debt of over two hundred million dollars (TTD).

- See more at: http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2017/jan/media-release-pan-trinbago...

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And no where in the Act did it declare the Steelpan a National Emblem along with the other Emblems.

I find for an amateur politician Claude, everything that I have recommended to the powers that be, has been implemented,..and I have also RETURNED the Government Grant of $20000.00 for unsponsored bands issued today back to the Culture Ministry...along with our Assistance Grant of $13500.00 back to NCC....in accordance with PanTrinbago Panorama Rules 2017.....

Todays Guardian, shows that in defiance PanTrinbago executives are in denial.....

Doctor PM and Minister Dolly bring that government audit on NOW Minister Dolly right now for that foolish insidious act of condemnation to accuse the intervenors of hostile takeover ...before those executive officers BURN DOWN de office like WASA...before de audit even start....... And let the chips fall where they may....for that outta timing remark....please madam...start the audit NOW.......Peace

Who write that? Tommy or Learie? This executive brazen you know!!! "Lef we leh we carry on we bobol!!!" 


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