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Come out and listen, this Monday night, San City steel symphony, on Carib Street, still in protest mode. playing ... FIRE GO BUN THEM. yes, we rename the song. lol.

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Aquil could  not find a HALF DECENT calypso to play (I know the pickings are slim this year -- but still) and ended up choosing this foreign-used, watered-down shadow so lacking in the SPIRIT OF TRINIDAD CARNIVAL.

KEITH DIAZ sure to kick them out in the FIRST ROUND.

Nah man -- Claude... Aquil got the situation on reboot.

Aquil make sure ya give Rolly Polly ah concussion.  And when you bun  dem make sure Polly well done.

We got your back 100...


Aquil,"with leadership comes loneliness".....keep up the struggle,for a better management of "pantrinbago business affairs" even if you have to struggle alone....good luck for panorama 2018......peace!!

Quill, well said.

See you in Semls.

Sounds good to me. Good Luck.

In all my years rung steelband, literally growing up in a panyard, I never yet hear a steelband leader trying tuh talk dey way into de next round ah de competition. So "panarama" is a debate now?

Dat is ah classic example ah taking in front. Usually ah ban does puh dong dey bess performance, an when dey eh qualify say, "we did know dat inno, dey teef ". Yuh ever hear ah steelband leader literally narrating de quality ah dey arrangement, an making projections fuh de judging criteria before dey puh dong wuk? Dis man trying tuh influence de judges owha? Is like talking technique and strategy before ah football match, telling de spectators, "we have ball control, we could real trap de ball, we does run in the space, hand off de ball early, because is ah proven fact de ball does travel faster that de player, an eh shaking de onion bag not fuh nutten on de day ah de match".

I never hear more in my life!

These fellas an dem brave oui!

Ah mean,

These fellas an dem eh bet dey "bowlface" nah boi!


That does not diminish my respect for the ability of the narrator on the discipline in question, or for his professional competence, or does it take away anything from his God given talent.

(The Talent) It does diminish since it is only A SMALL PART of the WHOLE PERSONA. After the spectacular failure of THE CIP -- LOSERS!!!

ha ha, if i can't love the when steel talk family i can't love nobody.

claude is right, because for what i bring to the table it would be surprising they will let me through to the next round. i saw it blatantly last year and with this message even worse. however like an army, going to battle, and every solider knowing they will all die, they fight like they is nothing to loose. or in case, we will play our preliminary rounds like it is our final night. what ever happen after, is god will.

nice to touch base with you beautiful people.

Mr. Providence there is a first for every thing. lol  

Mr CIP tell mih wha scene yuh on

Do you just like steelband confusion

Yuh criticizing the way dey judge

Yet yuh cyah produce an alternative

Yuh say yuh against Pantrinbago Structure

Yuh eh like me either.

But take care yuh jump out de hot water

An end up in de center ah de fire

Cause yuh refuse tuh call yuh own election

Allyuh eh want no revolution

Yuh strongly against boycotting

Yuh walk out on not participating

...Yuh say Keith Diaz have tuh go

but who to replace him yuh doh know...

so to make ah long story short from in front

dem fellas eh know wha dey really want.

Just saying all de fellas who against panarama 

from foreign dey bringing big arranger...


Mr R.P. is that you?

What! you, claud and i have to talk. we can let all that talent stay in Sangre Grande.....lol

i definite have to get my studio back up and running for 2018.

Russell: Whey THE CHORUS in that Calypso? We got to have a good HOOK LINE!!!

We lookin at ah collaboration for 2019 Mr Words and Mr Music, I can't wait. Aquil and Russell.


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