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FOR THEIR ambitious vision, K2K Alliance and Partners were justly rewarded with the Band of the Year title. Such was the undeniable power of their art that it mattered not that Through Stained Glass Windows was a medium band. Theirs was a mas that reminded us of the glorious potential of our Carnival arts.

Yesterday’s call by National Carnival Commission (NCC) chairman Winston “Gypsy” Peters for the setting up of a dedicated Cabinet ministry for Carnival can be seen as yet another in a long line of proposals made over the years to promote and improve Carnival.

He argued that a Ministry of Carnival would have dedicated funding and administration “that would take Carnival where we want it.”


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Ah was under REAL STRESS reading this article until they released me in the last sentence: "What we need is not yet another government ministry but a robust commission with the highest accounting practices."

Claude, Agree with your comment.

Well said Claude. 

More old Talk, it happens after each and every carnival.

And guess who will the Minister?

Winston “Gypsy” Peters!!!

Ha Ha:  Claude its obvious

Sorry, Marilyn: Is only now I realize that it was a rhetorical question!!!

I will have to put up some SILVER STARS VIDEOS for you to make up for this!!!

Claude . Its OK, I will always be Silver Stars number one fan win or lose and some times in the middle. Ha Ha.


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