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What do you think about a music and performance competition solely based on the video footage, audio and pictures captured by WST and Basement during the normal Basement annual panyard recordings production? The criteria taken into account would be overall sound of the orchestra, musical content, musicianship, visual presentation, performance and artistic creativity. The recordings would continue to be as they are now - one take - one at tempo and one slow. No more than nine bands - all to be recorded within the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before panorama. Each would receive $2,000 for their participation and the winner - should investor(s) be found for such an initiative - would receive $50,000 dollars. No second or third prize. The judging would be done by Basement personnel.

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Very good idea, but the WST membership should have a say in the judging, like a peoples choice accumillation of votes together with the Basement personnel to make it interesting and exciting! GOOD IDEA!! $50.000.00!! Could I bring my Band up from Trinidad?

Considering that all pan yards are not created equally, it seems to me that bands whose pan yards have superior acoustics would have an unfair advantage. Would there be an opportunity for bands in sub-standards pan yards to level the playing field by performing at an alternate venue?

Very Very good Idea, Although given this year's major issue with Police shutting down practices, disrupting recordings etc.etc.. Some kind of process would have to be in place to accommodate those situations. Also, I agree with Bertel, if people's choice can be included in some kind of voting would be great as well.. I think this is (if funded) would be an excellent addition to whatever funding is received from the actual panorama..

I'm very interested to see this play out and somehow come to life. I think it will be an interesting experience that can develop into more.

Why winner take all? your goal should be to reward more bands, why not split the prize in three, 25-15 -10 thousand? more bands can benefit from the $50.000.

Greetings: Why do we always have to think like beggars and not do for self? We have over 12,000 members -- each one can  contribute five dollars. This work out to be $60,000. We can divide the money up and distribute three prizes as CH says and assist those panyards to get permits to practice. Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine

Pan Times I would imagine you have a rule with regards to accepting money but as the Doc. said most members would like to "Do Something for Pan and Steelband" 

We are saying that "most members can contribute five dollars", but most members will only Talk the Talk and not Walk the Walk, You see how Lance was trying to sell those Books, they talk about buying them but What? 

Bede, we must never give-up on one another, those that is willing to support what you are doing is who you go with, the rest??????????????

I'm in love with this idea, but I can only imagine that it would take bands forever to come together and actually agree on this. For the time being, what if every year, from 2014 onward, WST conducts an online poll to determine which band's music should lay claim to the title of "People's Champion" based on the panyard videos? Not only will it give people a voice, but will potentially bring more people to the site and gain more exposure for the pan community. If they can do a phone poll in Trinidad why not an online poll in NY?

Greetings: Do we have any lawyers on board? If so, can  the lawyer set up an escrow account? This money  ($5.00) will be directed into this account for the sole purpose of distributing according to the terms outlined. He/she can volunteer to establish a Foundation and obtain the necessary/ proper tax exemption. Any member from then on can donate to the fund and can have his/her donation as a tax write off. The Retirement Fund can be rolled over to the Foundation. I will still donate the 20% from the sales of the books that any members purchase. If we have to pay the lawyer we should be able to deduct the amount from the collected funds.Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine


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