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Ah tell ALLYUH dem TWO WOMEN who running TEAM REBUILD just too emotional -- they can't run NUTTEN!!!

Dey could have been on THIS FORUM answering questions and showing THE WORLD that they are ready to LEAD. What harm could a few questions from some FAR AWAY EXPATS do to you? Especially when the job entails ruling some rambunctious men who are desperate for REAL LEADERSHIP.

They let one old washed-up man terrorize them into silence!!! How dey go handle PAN MEN (when ah spread the news around/is to see all dem CAVE PAN MEN coming to town ... is Calypso history month. Marcus, ah tief that line from ah calypsonian).

Now I busy with all dem other candidates who making dey pitch on WHEN STEEL TALKS and I have to think up questions and all kinda ah ting. Because is ah set ah bright bright CANDIDATES this TEAM send and I have to find ah way to TIE UP some ah dem. So ah have ah big headache now.

Ah scratching DENISE and BEVERLEY from this race. Ah feel like dey loss PLENTY MOMENTUM after they conspire to send BOOGSIE in the church to CAMPAIGN for one FLASH FLOOD SENTIMENTAL MOMENT. And then they went up in the EAST and pick some UNSAVORY CANDIDATES (and doh put MARCUS ASH in that category with the other two, eh. MARCUS is a GOOD SOUL). But now ah hear people starting to jump off the REBUILD TEAM BANDWAGON all over the EAST.

And THIS FORUM open 24/7 and they coulda been pumping out dey message night and day right here without it costing them a cent. Keeping their name OUT FRONT. Dey doh even know that I is ah DYNAMIC FELLAH -- I coulda wake up one morning just so and jump on the REBUILD SHIP and start hugging up and praising up DENISE and BEVERLEY.

Anyway, it still have two and a half weeks to CAMPAIGN so ah doh know what BIG TRICK they might PULL OUT with BOOGSIE again. Bury the emotion, Beverley!!! Lift your head up and FIGHT LIKE A MAN!!!

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 Claude! Do you really think that Team Rebuild coming on here will change the price of coco in the Mecca?

They have a GROUND campaign to run. Your Trump like campaign is not going to work; it’s like fake news to them. Character assassination along with the false allegations are not helping either. Bring the evidence or they will fact-check you. Come Nov 1st all man-rat gone back in dey hole.

Solo Harmonites Pan running wild...

odw, them two women might not be able to run nuttin, but it look like they will DRIVE Claude crazy..

What kinda thing is this Mr. Gonzales! You know I not really on these people I already know Mr. Sheppard going to win this election but this anti-feminism thing you pushing here is totally unacceptable!

That is a FALSE ACCUSATION (that anti-feminism ting you busting me for) -- Nova Heart!!! And ah already explain that 10 times on THIS FORUM.


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