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Akron company, Panyard Inc., marches to beat of a different drum

At work manufacturing a steelpan at Panyard Inc.
, USA - From the outside, Panyard Inc. looks like a bland building in the middle of an Akron working class neighborhood on California Avenue.

But if you step inside, close your eyes and listen, you can easily imagine sitting on a Caribbean beach with a mai tai at your side.

Panyard is recognized as the world leader in manufacturing steel drums. The company, now in its 21styear, carefully crafts instruments that make that "put a smile on your face" reggae sound.

....Panyard is just starting to turn a nice profit. A big reason for that: kids and schools clamoring for a beginner steel drum called The Jumbie Jam.

"The Jumbies, we're putting out close to 3,000 or 4,000 a year, and that's growing rapidly," Kerns said.
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As Chris Rock says, (yes he said it) there is a difference between rich and wealthy.




Truth In Comedy...

I don't know what Roland Harrigin or anyone else did or didn't do to "educate" any one about pan tuning.

I do know that the knowledge was never a closely guarded secret, and that anyone could have gone to Trinidad and Tobago, or even other islands like Antigua, and learnt all he needed to know about pan tuning, like Pete Seeger did in the 1950s.

Better yet, one could easily pay for an unemployed and underpaid tuner to bring his skills anywhere in the world for a moderate price.

Depending on his mechanical skills and a good ear, a dedicated person could learn to master the art, especially with available modern technology.

I don't know anything about the Harrigin affair, but I see no point in demonizing him.

And BTW, The famous Ellie Mannette also took his skills abroad, and today he is revered for it.

Like it or not that's the reality. It's all history anyway, and we have to look to the future.

Glenroy my experience and understanding is exactly opposite to yours.  I don't think we should sugar coat pan history. The steelpan tuners were extremely secretive with the finer points of their craft.  I don't know of any tuner regardless of his financial situation who traded their skills for money. I remember a foreigner who married the daughter of a tuner and could not believe that his now fathering-law preferred to and did take the knowledge of his craft to his grave rather than teach him.


There is only one big tuner who has been accused of this by people in pan and he was despised for it.  His name is Ellie Mannette.  Yes, Ellie is respected in Trinidad for the things he brought to the tuning process. You must have been away from Trinidad for long time. I would never use the word revered.

Given some of the things that has happened to Ellie, I doubt he would have taken the same path he took as it relates to the dissemination of pan tuning information.


Ok people. I give up.

The personal computer was created by IBM, so engineers took one and reverse engineered it and created a clone as good as the IBM,and knocked IBM out of the business.

The US used every trick in the book to keep the nuclear bomb a secret, and their enemies still got it.

Common sense tells me that acoustic engineers and metallurgists having a basic idea of how to make a pan will figure it out, unless there is some special ingredient that grows in Trinidad that can be disguised or hidden.

To me, to blame one or two individuals for releasing some secret about pan tuning is ludicrous.

But that's just me. I could be wrong.

But I doubt it.
Hmm, Glenroy, I suppose this means you cannot understand why Ellie Mannette was afraid to return to Trinidad for many, many, years, and still would be advised to watch his back even at this point anytime he is on Trini soil.

Nah, I understand.

I'm a Trini too.

But I'm just trying to open minds up a bit.

Pan is worldwide now, so we got to look at the big picture.

Notice how they all tell me  I've been away too long?

Well at least ther're not questioning my birth like Obama.

Not yet,anyway!

Is Trinidad pan making a state secret? No, but it probably should have been treated as such until a patent was secured. The original pan makers protected their creation and genius in the only manner they had open to them. And in hindsight they were right.  They were betrayed by the Trinidad rich people and the middle because they came from behind the bridge.

Glenroy we are are not trying to investigate who built the pyramids 3000 years ago. And yes these two people change the course of pan by their actions. The other would be Patrick Arnold.  Check out what Patrick Arnold said when he was informed that some foreigners were seeking a patent on the pan. Do you own investigation. They are not dead

We can't just throw things out there that has nothing to do with reality because it make us feel good.



That is the main problem, Bugs.

We could never have prevented the technology of Pan making from going world wide 

However, I'm no legal expert, but it would seem that there must have been ways  legally to  protect the invention on behalf of the inventors.

Here is where I blame our political leaders, and the leaders of Pan Trinbago..

They were supposed to be educated, and should have had a better insight into patent laws etc to protect the interests of their people.

There are two types of patents.  Utility and Industrial Design.  We could have and still can do both.  Utility would protect the Intellectual Property of the process (the man with the hammer), step-by-step from start-to-finish.  Industrial Design would protect the designs of Master Tuners like Brown, Harrigin, Manette etc...
Having fun yet Ron? I know you are enjoying this,  sorry ron not too many people are takling you on, up till 1994 how come you were selling pans for cliff Alexis, and lincoln enterprises in your newsletter pan lime, and advertising two other tuners when you claim to be making pans 21 years, Now you are making pan a "pappy show" with your jumbie  jam toys, first you try to sell pieces of PVC as tamboo bamboo then you sold a 4ths and 5ths tenor as a long time ping pong, a regular 55 gallon single bass as a du dup, a bunch of people running around the world spreading them ridiculous nonensense as authentic old time pans and of course they made and still making  a killing fooling people many thanks Ron now when I go out to play my pan a lot of people asking me if it is in the key of C, or what key is it in, then I have to explain that real pans are chromatic, Yea Yea some body said a fool is born in the USA every minute, this of course is the land of make believe and people will believe any thing depending on the presentation and how much money or effort is made to spread the word the world did not rapture on Saturday may 21st, of course God has blessed America so much that the preachers here are performing more miracles than Jesus Christ, and pan is forever going to have the label "steel drum" and now a "reggae Feel" whilst the world still awaits in curiosity for more info on the national instrument of thr Republic of Trinidad and Tobago they have Ron Kerns and his cahoots to brain wash them like the Glen Beck of pan, keep it up boo nice going make plenty money after the caption "in God we trust" is carried on the currency of the federal reserve of the united states, therefore money is god here, pretty soon somebody will be on the Grammys with a 55 gallon barrell around their necks, beating some PVC and playing an oversized tourist toy playing Maragataville

Glenroy nuff respect to you and buggs and others, I was in the  process and I have seen it from the inside and the outside, correction peeps, myself, Gabriel "Doyle" Robley and others were on the first comprehensive pan tuning course held in Trinidad in1992, the only reason the had such a course was because the Nigerian Government made an arrangement with the Trinidad and Tobago government to teach four of its soilders how to make pan, get this we were schooled in pan history, metalurgy, and pan building as requested by the Nigerian team (who had no clue what it was about but asked for such instructions) we were included only because certain Pan Trinbago officials stepped in and insisted that Trinidadians be given the same opportunity.

           We were lectured to by Mr Oscar Pile on history in the first two weeks and then we ere turned over to Mr Richard Mc David of CARRIRI who introduced us to Dr Wharton and others at UWI and CARRIRI, there we had the illustrious oppurtunity to see all the past and presebt at the time research that was going on, Mr Mc David gave us a  copy of the metal analysis that they had conducted after years and years of research and lectured to us on the process of their analysis he also gave us tours on the various experiments past and at that time present, some done in Sweeden some at UWI, I recieved a copy of the news letter called "pan lime" that had a copy of the analysis that we were given in it several years later panyard was using the same paper claiming it to be the result of analysis they conducted, I understand that they were in attendance at a conference held by some proffesors in either Chicago or akron itself, Mr Mc David was at one of them, I understand.

        After the departure of Roland they were buying and selling over pans from Trinidad, they employed one of Roland's apprentices as a head tuner who at the time was a rookie himself; Glenroy I am afraid the secret has been out long time and you will be shocked to know the attitude of some Trini tuners I am sure that Roland did not try to educate any body but we now know that the key in pan tuning lies not in the tuning it self but the building another story itself, read my next thread because this is a complex issue and I do not want you to loose the thread, out of frustration access to info was shared prematurely, now we have the G-pan which may have connections to the past and panyard hijacking an idea that was started By Tony Williams before Ron Kerns was even born being marketed as some new science, Bertie Marshall was the first to discover that increasing the distance between notes will result in a greater clarity when he double groved the double tenors (mind you the grooves are not the note but the border around the notes for visual effects) the notes no matter the shape of the border had been shaped oval since the late 1960's even the outside ones some tuners did not use it on the outsude notes though Freddie Harris II made many pans with the outside notes having oval shaped borders lying in the horizontal position in the same manner that panyard is claiming to be the first to do such before the first copy of pan lime was circulated, keep on lying Ron people love liars anyway


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