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ALEXICA Lxc ADAMS got more ENERGY and PASSION for PAN than me -- just by a MODERN BIT ... so here is the FULL STORY (on the DUVONE ARRANGEMENT) for those who missed out!!!

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True ODW

But tomorrow begins women's month. And sometimes it looks like 80% of the pan players in Trinidad & Tobago.are women. He could have used it as a teaching opportunity, not a scolding moment. Now instead of working with one very articulate woman, he now has over one billion potentially yelling at him. And they don't even know what a pan is.


Bugs: Ah hear yuh, I have a thirteen-year daughter and I engage her,  we can go toe to toe when it comes to different views on a given situation. I don't know why the young woman took-down her account on Facebook.

My daughter may have a dispute with her teacher about her grade and I would tell her do you want me to talk to the teacher and her response is, NO I'll take care of it. Total ownership when it comes to SOLVING her problem. NOT afraid to ENGAGE.

Josanne Rodriguez - "The Era of The Woman" - 2020

In True Trini Culture, when licks sharing, one has to be able to take some licks when giving licks.  If you enter the lion's den, then be prepared to get bite...  Lessons are to be learned by all going through the journey of life...


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