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Allyuh cussing KEITH DIAZ for ah lil 34M$ in debt; allyuh should check out this CDA debt story

Is best they forget the FORENSIC AUDIT and do a MANPOWER AUDIT on PAN TRINBAGO!!!

Sources within the CDA said there were employees who were misfits for many positions as they lacked qualifications and “did absolutely nothing all day.”

Sounds like a duplicate of PAN TRINBAGO to me!!!


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The interest in Keith Diaz here is because of his involvement with the Steelband movement.

If you examine other groups or organizations that's funded by the Government I would say 99.9% are corrupt and that is a modest estimation.

One dead man charged for corruption

By Raffique Shah

In my 50-odd years of being aware of corruption in my native land, from Lock Joint through the gas stations' racket, the DC-9 scandal to the Piarco Airport skulduggery, from box-drain millionaires to HDC multi-millionaires, I can recall only one ex-minister being hauled before the court—and he was dead by then.

PNM honcho John O'Halloran was deceased in 1990 when AG Selwyn Richardson got a Canadian court to order his estate to pay a few million dollars by way of restitution to the T&T Government.

Billions of the people's dollars stolen by public officials, private contractors and party financiers, and one dead man charged!

How can anyone have faith in the system?


odw, typical Trini, the only man charge dead. lolololololol

odw: You and Mr. Shah just cemented my point. A few STEELBAND LOVERS on this forum and a couple hundred PAN MEN down in Trinidad making noise about Keith Diaz and the 34M$ that he TEEF. But in the Trinidad scheme of things that is the NORM and nobody ever pays the price. (Well one Indian judge get put in Prison back in the 80's and that was indeed a racial tragedy -- a different story.)

All this talk  about  auditing KEITH DIAZ and putting him in jail is just OLE TALK. The system has always been to get into positions of power so that you can steal as much as you can with impunity. KEITH DIAZ is JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE.

They will make Diaz an example because he did not come from the college boy clique. T&T is very much into classism.

Cecil: Doh listen to BUGS with that "CLUB JAIL" ole talk. The only person who could put pressure on KEITH DIAZ is DOCTOR DOLLY. And I just had to reassess DOCTOR DOLLY and realize that she is in the POLITICAL GAME for the LONG TERM.

Actually, she plans to become the FIRST BLACK FEMALE PRIME MINISTER OF TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. So she is not going to disrupt the workings of the PARTY by dirtying her hands with KEITH DIAZ.

PAN MEN have to wake up to the politics or they are going to spend another 50 years being exploited from top to bottom.

Boi wey yuh mean doh listen to Bugs, I can form my own opinion on the issues at hand.

Cecil: Yuh doh have to tell me that you form your own opinions. I know that; it is demonstrated. But BUGS is a purveyor of FAKE NEWS and he could be a bad influence on even the most strong-willed people.

He promise all these revelations and monthly SURPRISES from COLLEGE BOY and up to now KEITH DIAZ have COLLEGE BOY tie like ah COW IN QUARANTINE in THE CUSTOMS.

And all that talk about FORENSIC AUDIT!!! Yuh eh see Michael Joseph done turn the page and getting ready for the October 2018 elections.

I still cannot believe that KEITH DIAZ tie up the PAN MEN PANORAMA money in court and all dem PAN MEN cool with that!!! Man, they need some REAL LEADERSHIP!!!


King James is coming. Put on your helmet from now.


Rolly Polly find a new band yet?  I heard he is not wanted around any of the large bands. And you know the rules state you can't whole office without belonging to a band.

I wonder if you can hold office from jail?


Cecil - Trinidad hasn't caught a criminal in a decade.  This one is gift wrapped. Rolly Polly is surely going to "Club Jail". .

  1. Polly and D'Photo teef dem children Christmas money in the month of December. Not even Grinch has ever sunk so low.
  2. Polly and D'Photo disrespect Dr. Dolly and all women panist in the month of March, Women's Month.
  3. The PRO keeps releasing press releases with fake news and alternative facts.
  4. TV6 drops investigative report linking Rolly Polly to luxury cars.
  5. Rolly Polly fake heart attack when cameras was not running and without a doctors note.
  6. Word on the ground - mutiny coming from all sectors.
  7. Nigeria asking for Rolly Polly to be extradited to face charges of corruption and embezzlement.
  8. Rolly Polly international pan dream dead. UK, NY, Canada, Japan Pan refuse to take pictures with Polly. And they taken down all picture linking them Rolly Polly from the facebook. Everyone is Photo-shopping Rolly Polly out of their personal photos. 
  9. College Boy has started to drink his Rum and Coco Cola.


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