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Some people may remember five years ago I posted that Pan had come to Poland. It's still here and chuggin' over nicely, but we hit a brick wall when trying to have anyone compete in established music competitions (youth or otherwise). Enter this guy, my son, who thanks to his music school was sent to compete in a music competition and played bother the 6 string guitar and the double second Pan. They wowed the judges and took 2nd (out of 14) place in the trio category.


It's worth mentioning that I stopped sharing a few years back due to some pretty nasty comments to us from people about white folks having no business playing Pan, but if Pan is to have a future it's going to be guys like this 11 year old boy who take it forward. His heroes are Duvonne Stewart (whom he met twice when playing London's Panorama in 2017 and 18) and Liamj Teague (yet to meet), and dreams of playing Pan in Trinidad on Panorama one day. For him, race is not an issue, he is in it for the music. If you have facebook, send him some love and support - he wants to go back next year and nab 1st!

Adam Mold

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You should ignore the narrow minded biggots! You get this in all walks of life and across all races. Thankfully they are a tiny minority. 

There seems to be an upsurge of this game.

Who knows why. Maybe someone has upped the ante.

They must be nuts.

I agree totally with all you have said and we have to spread the steel pan all 0over the world and I praise this young man for his achievements may he continue to prosper  and take the instrument forward in Poland that is success to the highest and I would like to meet him when next he comes to London.

Thanks a lot. We'd like to meet you too. Budget and time restraints prevent us from going to London this year, but werewaiming to play in 2020. Hope to see you there.

This is wonderful, Adam. Give my congratulations and encouragement to your son. His playing was exciting for me. Pan is all over the world now, I just watched someone at the Shanghai Conservatory playing, so your son is in good company. Don't let mindset hinder him. Hope he gets to meet Liam Teague and play in T& T's Panorama one day soon.



Thanks Jennifer. WellW do our best.

"Jeśli muzyka jest pożywieniem miłości, graj dalej, daj mi jej nadmiar, to przesadne, apetyt może się zranić, a więc umrzeć”. ~ William Shakespeare   Bravo Adam!!!  Duvone Stewart and Liam Teague, takes note..


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