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ANDY NARELL AND BIRDSONG .... lets think long and hard about this.

What Andy is doing is NOT Panorama music as we know it, but as mush as Panorama is we music its not appealing to the world over and as such we can't sell it. Fifty years of Panorama music has gone by and it has not been played on any contemporary music stations in any part of the world. forget any part of the world, inTrinidad and Tobago it's hard pressed to find a Panorama song being played on a local radio station. So yes, Andy Narell is trying to jazz things up and make it a little more appealing so that, in my mind, the world over can accept and make the steelpan music a little more marketable, and help move it in the right direction. Most of us are traditionalists and we like to hold on too tight. The Jamaicans have let go and have given the world Reggae and it's now marketable. There's even a spot on the Grammys for it. So, we young people have to think long and hard as to how we can make a change for our children, so that they will not suffer from what we are suffering from today (lack of recognition, lack of financial reward for our music, respect ... pool party,etc., etc.,).

Lets ask ourself do we really want to do the same thing that we have done for the past 50 yrs ??? because WE WILL GET THE SAME RESULTS.

I believe we can come up with a way or a fix.

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But Jeston it was not High Mas vs Birdsong. It was We Kinda Music vs High Mas - or Nutones vs Birdsong. Had Andy chosen maybe Carnival Tabanca or Differentology he might have made to the finals. I do like what you indirectly suggested.  Next year Andy should come with his version of High Mas. That would end all talk.


Sorry. My mistake.. And i love that suggestion of doing one of those types of songs.. Interesting..

I think Andy Narell is taking Pan music to a higher level that would be more appreciated throughout the world. Give him his due!  

This is a beat up on Andy Narell Forum, Mr. Berridge. No due for Andy!!!

Maybe something's wrong with my ears, because Birdsong's :"we kinda music" is the only music I really enjoyed on Sunday.

Patrick: You are my favorite poster on WST. I can't believe you wrote a straight sentence without your usual "tangentalism."

Ah make up ah word just to describe your ASKANCE style.

The first thing to be cleared up is that a Trini developed the Reggae beat.The second is that we produce so much music here we take it for granted as "no big thing". To continue, our radio stations play every other type of music besides our own including 90% of the hogwash that passes for music.If we don't hear some of the great Panorama pieces over the years on a regular basis, its not the fault of our band and arrangers, but a total disregard of things local by those who control the electronic media.To say that Andy's music will succeed where Boogsie's Bradley's, Smooth's et all, failed, is saying that

a particular type of music is preferred. Boogsie, most of all, suffered growing pains over many years until he was finally accepted as an innovator. Maybe Andy will reach that pinnacle someday.

Teddy Pinheiro

Without denigrating the contribution of Merlyn Taitt to the genre and its growth, to say "a Trini developed the reggae beat" is almost ludicrous!

he played a significant role in an aspect of its growth mainly in its use of guitars as rhythm and lead instruments, yes, but don't make that claim for him. It can't stand up!

Thank You Noel!!! I left it alone, but I am glad you refreshed the FALSE CLAIM.

Every time we start talking about marketing TRINIDAD CALYPSO/PAN/SOCA about TEN people does just jump up just so and start talking about JAMAICA. I don't know what JAMAICA have to do with TRINIDAD.

I understand what is being said about Andy’s music however it really is not for Panorama. In the 50’s and 60’s, Jamaicans were trying to sell their music but it was not embraced by the world in its then format (Ska) then came the genius of Bob Marley and fellow Reggae artiest and the rest was history. Now Jamaica has Dub; Dancehall; Conscious; Revival and Reggae all from Ska.
You see change is not so bad. Shorty said the same of Calypso and changed it to SOCA, which is more marketable than the topical songs of the day.
Calypso now has So-Calypso; Soca; Chutney Soca; Rapso; Soca-Dance and Soca-Crossover.
All these older forms of music are still around with its new incarnation spreading the word. The same could be done for Pan music, with more emphasis on specialist type music.
The music played by Andy over the years since his first try with Coffee Street, have been tried in Panorama before by the like of Ray Holman and Len Boogsie Sharp with no success for years. Even Clive Bradley tried to Jazz up pan and as a result, Despers has the distinctive sound they have today. Jit Samaroo gave Renegades its samba style and Smooth gave AllStars its funk; disco beat. There is nothing wrong with change just use another avenue for it and leave Panorama to the pan men.

"Pan in A minor" is an example of a successful Panorama song that has been transcribed in various renditions for performance outside of Trinidad, and has endured.  But Kitch's song itself was a great song!  What Panorama does is allows an Arranger and Band to present their rendition of a song for superiority.  Maybe it's the Bomb songs that people are familiar with that generate buzz and are more marketable, because people draw the connection to the pan through the song.  In the end, it's the song that is popular first, followed by the performance.


But Panorama is about the performance first, and the song second.  How do you demonstrate that your band is the best if you compete with a simple but popular song?  Or with a song that has been done before?  Panorama music may not be popular, but the competition should be popular based on nurturing the skills, not based on selling a million CDs.


Either the title of "Best Steelband in Trinidad" has to be in Panorama, and the integrity of that competition remain, or Panorama become a jam session / popularity contest aimed at tourists and revellers, and the battle for steelband supremacy must move elsewhere.


Steelbands are already driven off the road by the big trucks, now out of the Savannah by the DJs there too... Is there a point?


But call what this Panorama is headed towards by the truth... it is no longer about steelband supremacy.  It is no longer about master arrangers or players if it keeps getting diminished in the name of "evolution."


Is that what we want Panorama to become?

But Panorama is about the performance first, and the song second.  How do you demonstrate that your band is the best if you compete with a simple but popular song?  - Seriously???

This is based on what? Not the current Judging rubric?

Please elaborate...


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