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Anybody on this FORUM knows who MERVYN DYMALLY was?

Hint: He was an EXPAT who rose to some of the HIGHEST HEIGHTS in AMERICAN POLITICS!!!

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...went back to Trinidad and tried to show the government how to run the country the rest is his-story.

The rest is what we have today.
There must be a reason why you want to highlight this Trini who rose to one if the highest in California, USA politics.
They should have listened, but trini has no use for foreign locals. They know everything.
I knew he became a high ranking politician ( Senator) in California.
I grew up in the same block as his family off Lower Hillside in SanFernando.
His younger brother Roddy(dec) played Mas(Indian) with my Step Fsther and I.
IaYoungest brother "Bing" was a great athlete at Naparims in Football and Trsck and Field.

Dymally, who was born in Cedros, became a leader in the Los Angeles area's ascendant African American political establishment in the early 1960s and served in both houses of the Legislature and in Congress. He died in Los Angeles on Sunday, after a period of declining health.

Dymally's political longevity and ability to return time and again to public office had him winning elections well into what for many would have been their retirement years, Los Angeles News has reported.

Dymally also supported the Basdeo Panday-led United National Congress in its 1995 general election victory, helping the party win several marginal seats. Panday was out of the country yesterday and could not be contacted for comment.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Dookeran, extended condolences to Dymally's wife and family yesterday.


A relic from Panday's administration...

odw no pan dey.

Cecil, that's one of the mysteries of Pan, it started as a symbol of resistance, call it obeahism, it started with the drumming traditions and the fear of revolt against the colonial masters. We have to respect the powers that BE. hear Patrick Arnold explain it...things can appear and disappear juss soo.

Pan Trinbago’s eyesore...

I just cannot see how money placed in an interest-bearing account at Central Bank remains the same after 20 years. I am just confused.” The Central Bank has refused to offer any comment on the allegation. Communications manager Nicole Crooks when contacted said: “The bank is not in a position to divulge any information referring to accounts.”




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