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ATTSDC Donates Steelpans to the Nigerian Military School, Zaria

Instruments donated to the Nigerian Military School, Zaria, by ATTSDCNigeria - In meeting up with its corporate social responsibility, the Africa-Trinidad and Tobago Steelpan Development Company (ATTSDC) donated a complete set of steelpans for a fifteen-man band to the Nigerian Military School (NMS). In a presentation ceremony witnessed by very senior serving and retired Military officers including General GO Ogumudia (rtd), the CEO of ATTSDC—who is an Ex-Boy (former student) of the school—stated that the donation was to inculcate the steelpan culture in the boys (students) of the school.

According to the CEO, Chief Bowie S. Bowei, the steelpan art form which is currently spreading across Nigeria presents great opportunities for professionals, entertainers and entrepreneurs.
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Boy, that FELLAH dey call BUGS real smart, eh!!!

The man figure out this whole DIAZ HUSTLE five years ago and is only now all this BACCHANAL coming to light.

In the interest of PAN TRINBAGO clearing its name, and since BERTEL GITTENS is now a BIG WIG in this new PAN TRINBAGO ADMINISTRATION -- I am calling on BEVERLEY and BERTEL to step up and CLEAR PAN TRINBAGO'S NAME. And also to RELEASE the FORENSIC AUDIT which I know they have in their possession. As well as reaching out to MR. BOWEI and apologizing on behalf of the PAN PEOPLE and the PAN GOVERNMENT of TRINIDAD and TOBAGO.

I cannot believe that BUGS is so smart and FIGURE out this WHOLE HUSTLE FIVE YEARS AGO.

Ah fraid BUGS, now!!!


That was a pivotal moment. It was moment that the  PT gangtas knew they could get away with anything. Lock the people between patriotism and nationalism and all reason goes out the door. Even George Goddard's son fell for it. And that really surprised me.


Hey Claude boi, what position yuh give meh in PTB boi?! All I do is apply for the cleaners' wok, and was not successful. 


That response from BERTEL GITTENS should be given  A SPECIAL AWARD!!!

Ah want the whole wide world to know that BERTEL GITTENS and CECIL HINKSON is TWO of the GREATEST and SINCEREST PAN LOVERS I have ever interacted with ....

And ah hear through the GRAPEVINE that BERTEL GITTENS is ah BIG CONSULTANT to THE BEV!!!

CONSULTANT on how to push pan?


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