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I often wonder if it is necessary to for steelbands to put out the money they do on uniforms for panorama? It's no easy task outfitting one hundred plus people and you can tell by the way some of them look that they put out some good dollars in order to look nice on their big night. Is there a prize for appearance, what about the bands that don't have a sponsor? they are faced with the task of finding uniforms too.

Cutting back on the elaborate uniform and giving the pan people more pay is better use of money

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Spending for Panorama is a personal issue. I think unsponsored bands can gain more by spending money upgrading their instruments, but I guess appearance is important to some committees.

Appearance is everything in this society.

These are the "official rules", but informally, the steelbands have always "counted" on a pride where "appearance" is concerned and I'm sure it is somehow factored in, especially as it "impacts" on Panorama Finals...  Personally I love to see the outfits...

sir, with all due respect--i do not agree with you--it is there only time in a whole year to shine --please look pretty "bandit"

Along with the musical statements that the bands make, they also make  visual statements and of course, one of the most eye-catching band is All Stars. Do you remember how they looked performing "Showtime"?. So in my opinion the spending of money for outfits is worth every penny.

People for ten minutes?

Cecil: There is NO BUSINESS like SHOW BUSINESS. Yuh forget the old slang: DRESSED FOR SUCCESS!!!

What about Dress to Impress or Dress to Kill, we bringing how yuh LOOKING to ah how yuh SOUNDING fight.

Cecil I can see your point, but panorama is pan's NIGHT OF NIGHTS. BRING ON THE GLITZ AND THE GLAMOUR! Not dressing your band well for PANORAMA is like going to the OSCARS in jeans and T-shirt. Besides, a well dressed steelband is not some new  phenomenon. This goes way back to pan's early days. It is a very relevant part of STEELBAND CULTURE.

Foy I hear what yuh saying, let me tell yuh what a panman once told me "I KNOW I COULD PLAY GOOD, I WANT MONEY IN MEH POCKET NOW" all I want is for pan people to have some money in dey pocket. What  they do with the jacket and hat after carnival? Dressing up and looking nice is for all of us at their expence.



Hey Cecil, do not think for one minute that I do not hear you load and clear. Although I like to see the bands dressed up, I have a huge problem with the amount of money spent on chrome. To me this money could be better spent. Well tuned pans that are painted sounds just as sweet.

Is it possible that Phase ll realize this in 2013? that's why they choose to look simple and let their music do the talking.

Ask any pan player which he will prefer, ah coat and hat from panorama or ah few extra hundred dollars comming and hear their answer.



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