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Between 1950 and 2015, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS have been spent SUBSIDIZING STEELBANDS: was this money well spent?

Between Sponsors and Government HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars have been poured into the STEELBAND MOVEMENT over the last 65 years. (Not to mention the millions spent by foreign governments flying these steelbands all around the world.)  Yet, today, THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF THE STEELBAND is FIVE MILLION DOLLARS in DEBT and the President is standing CAP IN HAND at the Government's door BEGGING FOR MORE.

One of the most repeated arguments is that STEELBANDS are a deterrent to CRIME. Well, today, CRIME in Trinidad AND TOBAGO is at epidemic proportions -- but many will stick to their guns on that proposition.

The PAN TRINBAGO trick is to promise SELF-SUFFICIENCY over and over again. Because they could only become self-sufficient if you give them MORE MONEY and MORE MONEY.

I am saying MILLIONS but ah sure we done cross BILLIONS!!!

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Claude, I was not here for the ICP, but Cooper's point on pan manufacturing re shortage of tuners and the length of time to train (a few years)is the main point.Mass production / automation is not the answer as it's an art where you can be taught  things and from there it's an on going self development. Presently there are some Nigerians here and they will return to their country soon having been trained for a year,where they can continue what they have learnt as a work in progress and develop in a few years time. Other countries are offering tuners/builders to come over and train their nationals,with lucrative offers. From what I have seen and heard, the US have some who are doing well and countries like Switzerland,China and others are working on it and will get there as Crazy said in his calypso...IN TIME TO COME.

I listened to a clip posted on this forum with Ellie Mannette saying (not exactly his words) we are young compared to other instruments and while pans today are considered to be the best, 50 years from now what we have may be seen as rubbish,when new ideas and technology gets more involved. My mind went back to 50 years ago and compared that era to what we have today. I guess the same will happen 50 years later in 2065. I am enjoying the different posts on this by the 

regulars on this forum. CECIL!! wah yuh have tuh say again LOL

Gerard, Pan is global so in 50 years the sky is the limit, but if we look at where the steelband came from and where it is today we should be worried.


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