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By the hook or by the crook THERE WILL BE A PANORAMA!!!

Who doh want to come and play (FOR FREE) -- is dem BUSINESS!!! But Beverley having she PANORAMA because she have to DELIVER that PANORAMA to GYPSY and DOLLY -- or LOSE FAVOUR!!!


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For those who grumbling...remember is de MOU not EyeOU.

Is it drink a beer syndrome or dependency syndrome???

"The blame cannot be placed squarely at the feet of Mr. Diaz however. We band leaders have to take responsibility for some of the blame as well."

"According to one of our comrades, band leaders, because of their laziness, like a lot of hand-outs and favours."


Pan Elders - Me Eh Fighting For No Man

Everybody will be making money for carnival,So why it is that panman & women will not be making money?

So you all who have plenty dollars & no sense,can't cut and trimp what ever money you have and pay the Panmen & Women.

I am sure if you ask John  Public they will say the same,Pay the Panmen & Women remember they are the Show without them you have no Panorama.

So remember without the Panmen & Panwomen,You & You and Yes You who trying to take bread from the Players will not make money,

They ball is in your court.Pay up now and be happy.

Solicitation by threat. There are 15 bands, most sponsored. All competing in Panorama. All players are paid. We doh care bout the rest. Allyuh could bump yuh gums til they bleed. So, like de man say "all PAN PLAYERS and PROTESTERS who doh like it: GET TO HELL OUT OF WE PANORAMA"

BEVERLEY SAY: If only large bands are going to PANORAMA -- then she MOVING UP Katzenjammers up to large band category and ENTERING!!!

What ah CARNAVAL!!! What ah BACCHANAL!!!

  1. Very disappointed in the comments made by the “president of pantrinbago”, not very professional. But then again, I  did not expect better. Why don’t the pantrinbago president and it’s officers give up there salaries to pay the pan players.

I could not agree with you more.
When I first heard the new president importune the pan fraternity to "give up something" my initial impression was that the executives would be giving up a portion of their salaries.
Turns out it was not merely a suggestion, but an announcement directed to the pan men/women that, should they decide to 'knock pan', then they do so for the love of pan. No remuneration whatsoever — they wuk for free!

I believe for the next two years.
Well Malcom, some do lead from the rear.

Let's hope Panorama 2019 will be one to remember .... For all the right reasons.

Hello Peter, would this be considered Leading by example..."She said Pan Trinbago will no longer have central executive’s members as employees of the organization." Downsizing?


I definitely admit and concur that's incontrovertible 'leadership by example'.

Incidentally, your decision to post the link highlights an essential aspect of the forum — a sharing of views/opinions and a dissemination of information. I thank you.
It's truly a daunting task that BRM has undertaken. And if she's unsuccessful everyone also fails. So, it behooves everyone to lend her, support, in any and every way possible.

That being said, it was my imprecise, in fact, erroneous understanding that only the pan men/women would be bearing the full brunt of the dilemma — the lack of adequate funds.
I stand corrected and am deeply appreciative of your guiding comment.

The striking and admirable aspect now, is that many who choose to perform will do so purely for the love of pan.

And quite likely, that may be the not-too-frequently-thought-of ingredient that makes the sound of pan so sweet — the unconditional love that goes into it.

I wonder now with a bit of trepidation, and ask you — Do you think Panorama will flourish, but only for sponsored bands?

There was a snippet in last year's winning arrangement.
From your limitless musical library archives, man: "All ah we is one famalee". :-)

Peter, I’m confident it will flourish, not just sponsored bands, we have the BRAIN POWER to produce better alternatives to showcase the music from the UN-sponsored and youth bands.

Now is time to get back to basics... a REBUILDING some would say. The WORK will have to start after the carnival season.

IV. Steelband Management Study Programme; and. V. The Regularization Process Details on Items I to V are in Appendix I. 6. The estimated cost for Phases I, III, and IV at paragraph 5 above is one million, two


@9:34 All ah we is one famalee, I hear you loud and clear Sir.


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