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BigUp to Chantal Esdelle for an awesome job on the ttt 2019 Panorama Semi Finals broadcast

Ms Esdelle brought facts, knowledge, and tangible experience to the conversation.

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Must agree, this young lady did not imposed her bias on the listeners or indulged herself pontificating unnecessarily on any ego trip. Well done, hope to hear from her again....breath of fresh air.

Well done Chantal... Hope to see you again.

Agreed 100%. I re-watched semis on Monday on the ttt stream after watching it live Sunday on another stream and I was highly impressed by Chantal's approach, objectivity, and overall positive energy...

Yes indeed. Chantel was the absolute professional. Please come back for the finals.


Agree wholeheartedly -- may have been the best ever! Please have her facilitate the learning of others who may take her place some time to come. I hope she is on for the Finals, she was super professional, cheerful and unbiased, and for me, the expression of feeling made her so very human. Mega Congrats to TTT and Chantal.
PS Cheers too to Mr. Lopez.

What I liked about Mr Lopez is that while he clearly was not as in touch with the goings on of the steelpan world, instead of just talking a bunch of nonsense he actually admitted as much and would regularly ask Chantal honest questions about various elements of the competition. I found myself thinking "that was a very good question" many times. I enjoyed this duo and their dynamic... hope to tune in to their coverage next Saturday.

 well done

 very professional

 hope she returns for finals

Congratulations Chantal!!!


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