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"The truth is even my original compositions have become a comfort zone and the challenge is to be recognized for extending the boundaries of what exists.

In the end we will all be remembered for pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones. Learning is in what you do not already know or have not already done.

To all not in their comfort zone stay strong."

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This sounds really foolish... You know Mosaic is no Phase II and Pan in a Rage is not Woman on D Bass. I have been all over the world and lived in several European countries. Whenever the topic of Pan came up like football and Barcelona or Man United the only Steel bands known were Despers and All Stars and the only tune know was Woman on D Bass.  

Y should Sharpe have to Xplain his music, won't U ALL listening ???

  Phase II Pan Groove, seen here rehearsing before their performance on the Queen's Park Savannah Stage at the International Panorama Competition, August 9th 2015. They played "Woman On The Bass" arranged by Lennox 'Boogsie' Sharpe....


ODW, ah pardner heard Phase2 at practice the night before and at ah certain time the whole background Crash, he knew then that the band wasn't ready, 

Bede Lopez,

At a certain part of their stage performance they had a falter with the riddim section beating out of pitch with the band. Listen to the 6.39 to 6.45 and tell me if the riddim section was not off beat.


I have to agree with you, that was a poor choice by  Boogsie, to do a version of woman on the bass better than All Stars is almost impossible.

Can anybody think of seeing Boogsie run last with Phase2, is that possible or is it improbable? They say "it almost happen"

It's not tune but the arrangement.if you can't come up the standard of the other band ,don't go there.boogsie failed badly.any band can play the tune,it's just not in competition,then you will be judged by all stars standard ( which is next to impossible,tone,arr,mood,)


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