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Bravo! and Congratulations - Big5 - The Pan Concert

When Steel Talks extends congratulations to all the performers, management and all others involved in Big5 - The Pan Concert.

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Congratulations to the BIG5,,,,,Do it again ,,,,South,East,Tobago, Blessings to ALL.

Sure loved this pan event !  BIG  THANK YOU to the technical crew that enabled us

who not in Trinidad to listen and see the performances. There was bad weather

here last night so I had some issues on my end, but am so happy and impressed that

we can enjoy these live streams.  The photography and the audio sound was


Congrats to all the bands and band supporters. Much appreciated.

Thank you also to WHEN STEEL TALKS  who pioneered mightily in

promoting pan. LOVE YOU ALL.

I second the motion!

Ted: How did the expectation match the reality in your view?

Hey, Claude, Compared to the Panorama Finals 2017 DVD, I'd say at least 90% of the way. IMO, A properly edited DVD, also put on Youtube, would be a perfect vehicle for launching an advertising campaign to "sell" Steel to the totally naive audience I have in mind.

I especially loved the sax and pan duet and the 'morning, noon and night in Vienna' piece. All in all the show seemed to be a huge success and the way it easily moved along - no long delays, was definitely a welcome improvement over past shows. Great job! Will there be an opportunity in the future to include some of the other large bands?


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