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I was doing some research and came across a post on Craigslist.  Is this the sort of thing typical of American steelbands today?  The text reads:

"Potts & Pans Steelband is looking for black musicians to work with. The group is currently comprised of white and hispanic members, and we have lost numerous gigs due to not having a black person in the group. If you have any musical experience and are up for learning a new instrument (the steelpan aka steel drum) I will give you free lessons. Even if you don't have musical experience, but would like to learn, I'll work with you!"

I personally find this disturbing for many reasons; as a human, as a musician, and as someone who works very hard at my craft.

Am I way out in the depths of space to be bothered by this?

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The defenders of Potts said he just trying to give black people jobs. That is the same thing Sterling said.

Do you make it a hobby to make things up? Who said Potts is just trying to give black people jobs? No one! That's who. Unless you hear voices....or see things that aren't there. Potts wants to connect with other musicians. Music is a community. He wants his local pan community to grow. How is that bad? Please try to answer without making up anything. 

Touche' Pan Woman,Touche'!

This is my point Fred, other people will put their touch to something we created, we might or might not like it but can we do ? the steelband and steelpan is out there for everyone.

so this just keeps getting better. so potts is now the same as a Catholic priest. Is there not anyone you people don't slam. Potts is not the bad one on this forum. we have shown this in our meeting rooms. the Forum is pitiful. You all hate everybody and every thing. Fred reminds me of the wizard of oz.. He thinks he is the man behind the stage. the difference is you all talk big,but potts seems to be doing it. I'll bet his phone is ring off the hooks. I also see you have compared him to strerling, and look how much money that brought him from the sale of his ball club. so I hope potts is laughing all the way to the bank. Is the internet Great !!!

Clearly everyone who is posting is decided in their opinions and aren't changing. How about we just let this thread die down and we can all move on to some enjoyable posts of pan performances or old carnival photos?

I'm good with that, Just hard to stomach all of this well a good artist gets trashed.

If Potty wanted a black person in his band, he would have had that person by now. It's only because, someone's pointed out to him, that with a black face in the band, he would get more work....therefore more dollars in his bank account!! Hence, his sudden desire to "teach" a black youth! But why not 4 or 5 black players, Potty?........Whoa! No! That would take CONTROL away from him! People might assume it was their band!!! And, i believe, this is what he wants most of all! He would love to move that Trini flag off of "His Steeldrum" He has learnt to play, and tune, ( mentioning himself in the same breath, as Ellie Manette) our instrument, the PAN, and, 'though he knows that, most of us don't like it, he has come on this forum, more than once, insistent on , "Steeldrum Band, and Mallets"

Potts, IMO, is a manipulative a***ole, who is really enjoying this attention, especially, his (b)lackeys fighting his corner

what another idiot appears ! "our instrument" how bold is that. at least we are getting down to what you problems are as a forum. You think the drum is yours !!! Ha Ha Does that mean all cars are mine because i own one or can work on one. This forum just keeps showing why there is no merit in your discussion.

Are you saying Potts, Not "potty" as you say, cant even get the name right should not make money ? How about hiring white players ? How about Mexicans ? Wake up Idiot it is not YOUR pan ! You probely can't even play half of what potts can.

I'm sure if I were potts I would now go out of my way not to hire blakes in the band. Then we all can hear how mistreated the world is all over again.

Again if your quoting, at least get the name Right .. Its POTTS.... Try to get that part of the story right !

Oyy TUN TUN whey you from, boomboclart.....you too ignorant to discuss anything with, blockhead!!


Excuse me, Mr. Carl whatever-else-is-in-your-name Robinson.

You "adding" to the conversation has been nothing but an empty pus-filled scab of hate on a wound that needs to be cleansed.

I never presented the post with any direction whatsoever. I said I was disturbed and asked the forum if I was reading too much into Mr. Potts' ad.

Your lack of proper grammar, proper spelling, proper capitalization, proper use of punctuation, disrespect of the English language, disrespect to people you don't know, willing to use hate speech freely without justification, willing to perpetuate stereotypes, use of the Forum and the Law to intimidate people, name calling, undying support of a situation you are ignorant of, cherry picking comments, not responding to simple yes or no questions, bashing a public school institution that Mr. Potts was a product of, wanting to get a rise out of people for whatever your reason is, and basically wanting the last word so you can feel like you have had some kind of victory is appalling, disgusting, abhorrent, and unnecessary. You come across as a very ignorant man and not caring about anything but to defend Mr. Potts.

I also find it interesting you two are not friends, seeing as you know so much about him and are a fervent believer in his greatness, and also seeing as you have been in contact with him, and also seeing as he visited your school and you have been to many of his shows.

The best thing Mr. Potts could have done was come on to this forum when things first got going and apologize in some way. But that did not happen. Instead, you (Mr. Carl Robinson) have been the active voice of Mr. Potts.

"As far as friends of potts ,i hope to be at some time. He seems to be good at his game."

So when you say you hope to be friends with Mr. Potts and that he's good at his game - Birds of a feather flock together

Ms. Paulenti and Mr henderson really speak without knowing a situation. Sad. Hard working young man willing to learn from Masters and then willing to teach. Don't be afraid to come learn....I got you. Now just because he's white and asking to share the art form with blacks he's a racist. Damn shame how people think ......Yes......smdh


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