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having read my e-mails this morning, I could not help thinking about those poor people who waited up to 5 hours at the airport to clear immigration. Well done to those managing a prime front of house spot. This is the first impression tourist will get of our beloved country.

Who is responsible for the fiasco?
It seems someone forgot to explain to these immigration officers who did not attend work for what ever reason that when people visit your country, there are certain expectations that are foremost. 1st impressions matter.

How many will return? How many will say to their friends " I would not go there if I were you".

I remember one year after landing at Piarco, we were locked in a stairwell for about 15 mins. No air conditioning, could not go back or forward. Someone forgot to open the doors at the top of the stairs so a plane load were stuck in the heat.

This year apparently, only 2 officers were on duty.  Airport Authorities blamed Immigration, Immigration chiefs offered not comment.

I would scale back for carnival 2018 if I were in their shoes. There may not be many visitors next year.


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In T&T they don't care about anything or anyone, so sad. One guy said he spent just as much time in the line as on the plane. This is a blatant lack of respect for the people who visit the country. POLITICIANS WAKE-UP stop hiding behind that 3rd world mentality.

This is one of the reasons why people in transit to St. Vincent hate stopping in Trinidad. Now they have their own International Airport. I don't feel sorry for Barbados one bit. They have the worst Immigration Department on the planet.

Go easy nah on we country!  Yuh would stay in  JFK immigration for 4 hours an doh complain. Relax, man.

bernard a thomas, we have to go at them HARD so that they will clean up their act.

Yuh back home.....nobody could tell yuh: Go back to yuh country!!!  Dat alone is worth de price of admission. When ever I land in Piarco, I finally EXHALE.  So we have tuh relax....Chill....

            Bernard what you are saying makes me believe you may not be all there. It does not matter whether we back home or not. It does not matter whether anyone can say go back home or not.

What does matter is you treat everyone with respect and as the old saying goes “do unto others as you would have them do to you”

If I was stuck in JFK for 5 hours I would definitely have something to say. But then neither would I expect only 2 or 3 immigration officers to be on duty.

There are at least 12 booths at Piarco, 2 are normally reserved for TT passport holders and another for Diplomats or VIPs so that leaves at least 9 positions dedicated to visitors. In case it has escaped your reasoning, they are the ones bringing in the badly needed foreign exchange.

Don’t restrict your mental capacity with that small mindedness.

When I land in Piarco I usually take a very deep breath. That is mainly to take in the sweet smells of food wafting on warm air. I don’t expect it to be spoiled by laziness, stupidity or down-right rudeness.

People who work at the airport are not there to do me or other visitors a favour. They are there to do their jobs to the best of their ability. They represent the country.

Anyway, you may not have long to wait to return home if Donald has his way. You may be back in sweet T ‘n T before you can say Yankee Doodle.

I may have understood this whole thing if it was 1950s but we are now in another century. Where backward people should not exist they should be educated and professional in their approach.

The price of admission is what I pay the airline, the hotel, the restaurant and food vendors.



Chill baby, chill. You are not stuck on the tarmac at JFK for 6 hours. YOU ARE HOME SWEET HOME..

BTW, I have been living in NYC for the last 40 years and I go home (!!!)  every year for mango, peewah, and golf.

RELAX.....that's the rationale for going home. RELAX.

By the way I'm very chilled. I'm in England it's cold and wet but I'll be back home after carnival to cool down and party in Tobago. I've travelled the world thanks to my parents and have always expected respectful and civilised treatment and thankfully always received it; whether in Sweden, England, Germany, USA, Trinidad, Barbados or wherever. My mother spent 5 years re-writing the Republic's constitution back in the 80s.  The aim then was to take the country forward not backwards.

News like this always make me angry I can't help it. It's the way I was brought up.

Randi: I could explain the sociology and why everything went backwards -- but they will kick me off this forum.


Why do we always have to show, that there is somebody, or something worse than us. Is that the way we judge our children, ? I expect excellence from my children, what other people children do, is not my concern.

Carnival time everyone fetting/partying and no one want to work. T&T customer relations is the worst. Except to hear more horrorfying stories as Carnival ends and people heading back to the cold.


  why is this not on mainstream media

 all we hear about from the tobago tourist lady is that the hotels are full

 check back and see if this is not like a road march every year

 we will soon hear about the  domestic airport fiasco for the weekend 

 next- isis as fatca passed and all is well


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