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I listen to the last hour of this discussion on i95.5fm in T&T and was glad to hear this question ask and being discussed on the radio. As old people will tell you, if you see smoke most likely their is a fire, so if the question was asked probably there is good reason to be concern.

Being a senior from foreign I was taken back by not one person on the panel remembered the contribution the steelband made to carnival, not even when they played "the road make to walk" by Kitch did they remember that it was the steelbands made that song road march, and when they spoke of the lack of costume on Monday did they remember is was the steelbands presentation that brighten up Monday. I am aware that they could have been "too young to soca" that's why as a elder I feel compelled to voice my opinion.

Carnival today is suffering from the absence of the steelband, the flavor that the steelband brought is missing, what we have today is a business opp.for some, a few people who do not care about our culture making lots of money. what we are seening today is the dead end street carnival is heading down..

Trini people will never allow carnival to die,but it's broken badly and needs to be fixed, SOON

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patrick, I see clearly what you are getting at and I respect your opinion, it's just that I feel the pushing of pans is sucking all the oxygen out of the pan on the road discussion.

If you know anyone that's involve with a steelband in the Mecca ask them about pushing pan and hear what they tell you, I've spoken with 3 people.

Anyone who feel that the steelband should be back on the road carnival day this is an opportunity to voice your opinion, lets start a movement to get back the steelbands in carnival.

Pan for Carnival


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