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I'm watching the Carnival parade on CTNTWorld and I'm thinking, Carnival is big money.

Band leaders,costume creators and designers, caterers, retailers, DJs,Soca singers and bands, transportation companies etc. etc., they all make money off the Carnival.

Meanwhile, panists labor long and hard, hoping to win the Panorama lottery.
If they do win, the prize money after expenses amounts to relatively little compensation to the panist, based on the size of a large panorama steelband.

I think something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Am I the only one seeing this?

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Just a diversion from the current discussion.

PanTrinbago,  the formation of an All Girls Steel Orchestra is long overdue.    Such an ensemble will be an excellent promotional tool for Trinidad and Tobago Overseas and I am confident that they will be a major attraction in all Cities  throughout the World. whenever they may perform     It will take lots of planning.

PanTrinbago in conjunction with the Ministry of Arts and Culture and  with the Tourism Authority should appreciate the economic value to be derived from a Touring  "Trinidad and Tobago All Girls Steel Orchestra"

Are we waiting for the Japanese to form an  "All Girls Steelband" ?   Yes I am old enough to remember "Girl Pat Steelband" and Hazel Henley, the Captain, , Pat Maurice, Ellie Robertson, Irma Regis to name a few of the "girls" of 55 years ago.

                                                                                    Ian Lambie


Have you been looking at the steel bands lately? Most of the players are already female! 

This is not the sixties when a girl's band would have been a good idea to get female participation.

Today they fully participate as players, arrangers and yes, leaders.

This is not a recent idea of mine.  About a year or two ago I discussed this matter with two former Captains of Steelbands , and they both expressed the same view as you and drawing to my attention the number of women pannists..   They also "shot down" my suggestion for a dedicated Parade Route for Steelbands in Lower Port-of-Spain on Canival Days.  One of them  expressed the opinion that the Steelbands wished  to cross the Savannah Stage.

My current suggestion is for an "All Girls Steelband"  to travel to foreign Countries to promote Trinidad and Tobago.    TASPO did it in 1951.  Hope that my date is correct.  Please do not misinterpret my intention.  This will also give the selected players an opportunity to earn some Dollars.

I am not suggesting that the ladies selected should permanently  leave their respective Steelbands of which they may be members at present.

Just like a T&T Cricket Team os Soccer Team ; the players retain membership and play for their respective local clubs when not on tour.

                                                                                  Ian Lambie

Starlift's Friday night concerts was an excellent idea.    I look forward to being there next year.

                                                                                             Ian Lambie


Have you looked at the graveyards and prisons lately? The rest busy trying to be "Mr. Fete", cause that's where the females and bling bling is at. (Once you young, black and male playing pan, dey know, chances are, yuh arse poor.) Woop, there's your answer.

I really dislike this idea. What's the benefit? Any national steelband should represent the population, in my opinion. I would rather see a steelband representing Trinidad & Tobago with male, female, African, Indian, Chinese, Syrian, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Orisha, north, south, east, west, tobago, etc. By audition ONLY! We taking de best ah de best from each group (based on the percentage of the population they represent), and their resume will have to include proof of community service/humanitarian efforts, especially outside of their own communities. Let's see who really believe that "ALL AH WE IS ONE FAMILY"!

I am aware that many on this site, misinterpret my "Afrocentricity" with racism, and I even had to explain myself to one of my "White American" colleagues, who was becoming offended. That was almost a year ago, and we traded notes on Facebook up to this week. He was also my inspiration for creating the "Blueprint", and someone that I would love to meet and work with. After our initial conversation, I walked away with a sense of his genuine love and appreciation for "Trini culture", and I have trusted my instincts ever since.

There are those who see no need in reminding all, that pan, is a Afro-Trinidadian invention, but I differ, and that does not make me racist, for I have seen the damage done to the young, poor, "Black" minds in the country of my birth, in their not knowing their history, for me to sit back while other attempt to erase them from it. It will NEVER happen on my watch, and I will continue with my research and publications, here on WST and other media. Yours In Pan,


Ghost, I would rather see the best players the country has to offer in the national steelband rather than the best in each ethnic group. A national steelband should showcase the best players the country has to offer, just like a national soccer team, trinidad's track team, cricket team, etc., but that's just my opinion.


Oh, I agree 100%. I was comparing to an all-women steelband. Remember, they are not going to be competing, like the World Cup, they are really to function as ambassadors, and, of course, they should be proficient, but, sometimes the best players, are not always the best ambassadors. It was just a thought that came to me as I was responding to Neil's suggestion.

Nope you are not,  thats the tormenting truth. . So-wave-ca "artless" presentations  is upstaging pan and kaiso something is definitely wrong with the picture. 

Ha Ha! Dat's A Joke.

Neil when last you been?

I have recently returned from my Tobago cool down after carnival and to my big surprise as I drove in to Buccoo. The complex has been rebuilt and vastly improoved. However, where Buccooneers used to play on Sunday nights is no longer there. infact I was told that after it was finished someone realised that they forgot to facture-in a stage for the band. They now have to play in the yard of a cafe round de corner.

So its not just Trinidad that disrepects pan, it has infected Tobago as well.

Randi Curvan


STEELBANDS and PAN-PLAYERS are being BLIND-SIDED for a very long time by Pan Trinbago. The Government gave Pan Trinbago $25millions to run Panorama another $4million towards transportations and lodging for the Tobago bands.

For semi-finals Pan Trinbago collects:

12,000 X $300.00          for the Greens                                  $3,600000.00

14,000 X $250.00           for the Grand Stand                         $3,500000.00

14,000 X $200.00         for the North Stand                            $2,800000.00


Corporate Booth Rental                                                        $$$$$$$

Food Vending                                                                      $$$$$$$

Other Vending                                                                     $$$$$$$




20,000 X $400.00                           $8,000000.00             Grand Stand receipts

14,000 X $350.00                           $4,900000.00             North Stand receipts

per-per-view                                   $$$$$$

broadcast rights                             $$$$$$

CD's Sales                                    $$$$$$

DVD's                                           $$$$$$


Does the STEELBANDS and PAN-PLAYERS share in this BOUNTY - who this money really belong too.

STEELBANDS and PAN-PLAYERS demand an OPEN AUDIT from Pan Trinbago about your money, you guys are taking this to lightly.




Terry it look like somebody is "PIMPIN' pan people. lol


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