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CECIL HINKSON and EARL RICHARDS: Allyuh throw THE BEV into a DEEP WATER PRESIDENCY to swim with SHARKS and now SHARKS attacking THE LADY and allyuh refuse to come to her RESCUE ...

... THE BEV is under HEAVY PRESSURE from one faction of THE EXECUTIVE and she needs the support of all THE BOOSTERS who helped her WIN THE PRESIDENCY.

Come on EARL and CECIL!!! don't tell me that you all were just caught up in ELECTION HYPE and did not genuinely care about how THIS WOMAN PRESIDENT was going to perform in office.

Please email THE PRESIDENT or CALL UP THE PRESIDENT and tell her that her BEST PLAY right now is the FIRE MENDEZ and HAREWOOD and GULSTON or those men are going to ruin her reputation and put her IN THE MAD HOUSE!!!

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Claude, Beverley is a BIG gyrl [from Tobago] watch at how she'll handle those 3 men....


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