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Cecil Hinkson: Doh tell me that after yuh went in the people funeral and make big emotional announcement yuh changing yuh TUNE now ...

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Too much negative vibes from some south people, yuh hearing all kind ah chuppid talk so Sharpe overs PBS, it's now PARTY START...

Isnt there are rule circulating that all bands must only play music no older than 2008? 

Too ALL OVER THE PLACE for me!!!

Party Start, love it, but then again I love anything wid take ah drink again.


michel: You could read this link for SORT OF ANSWER!!!


i aint feeling it it..........yet!

Aquil: Ah hear is SOUTH MEN who stop BOOGSIE from playing PROFESSOR TUNE. Ah hope yuh wasn't in that. People does real forget, eh boy. All that emotion and that caring and all that sentiment and that love and that sincere promise to play the man song and now WE CHANGE WE TUNE.

Of course yuh know somebody did done see the politics for the politics -- long time.

That is a DESPERATE SONG where yuh just throw everything in and hope it come out right. Secondly, that song is not going to WORK ON PAN.

Look at this comment from BEDE LOPEZ: The last honest man!!!

Bede Lopez
Bede Lopez Allyuh fellas really thought Boogsie was coming with PAN BY STORM, really, allyuh falling for anything, never played poker before, you dont know ah [Political] bluff when you see one ....
hey Claude, how did you get my comment that I made on pantrivia, just asking , nothing personal, , only for mt knowledge, thanks,l

Bede: I read the other PAN SITES to see what the general public has to say. And I always read your postings, always!!! Since this posting of yours so succinctly supported this specific topic -- I cut and pasted it on here for some MUSCLE.

Man, you told the best story ever on THIS FORUM about a Bad  John fellah who wanted to chop you up and ah bigger Bad John Fellah get the news and tell the first Bad John fellah -- DOH TOUCH THAT MAN!!!

Yuh should come back and tell that story and since we all old now -- yuh could embellish.

Hey, ah like how yuh respond to the GRAMMAR FELLAH with your constant little BARBS.



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