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Who do think will win this panorama? give the top 3.

Choose the top 3 foreign bands.

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(1)Pan Fantasy, (2)Brooklyn Steel Orch.

patrick, what about the Trini bands?

I don't want to make a choice based on name recog. The Phase is playing "Woman on d bass". I'd stick my neck out on that. The rest??????

Patrick: Yuh living in FOREIGN much too long, boy. Ah have a KNOW YOUR UNIVERSE test for you: What country in the world is known as the land of CALYPSO, STEELBAND, AND LIMBO? Like yuh think is ah FAST FOOD slogan?

Ahm! Ahm! Trinidad?? Well I googled calypso and got Jamaica, so I hope I am correct.

1.Exodus. 2 All Stars. 3.Renegades  Foreign. 1 Mosaic. 2.Brooklyn.Steel. 3.Panorama Steel

I cannot recall see Despers mentioned. That is my favourite bank. Then I am going for Phase !!. Sorry a band from Grenada cannot be there because it is the weekend of our Panorama, PANTASTIC SATURDAY. Hope I get to hear some of the bands

Even without Andy arranging I think Calypsociation will show strong amongst the foreign bands.

I am switching my pick to EBONY!!! I just saw JUSTIN THOMAS give a presentation at the ICP and I want to join a STEELBAND in Trinidad and become a delegate and vote for JUSTIN THOMAS to become PRESIDENT OF PAN  TRINBAGO -- YOUNG BLOOD with innovative ideas.

This is the biggest problem the Steelband Movement faces today, exclusion of youth deprives you  the ability to be currant.

This was the title of the speech: Notes, Rhythm and Dollars: A Look Beyond the Tenor Rack

I like the "LOOK BEYOND THE TENOR RACK" vision!!!

Having to sit and judge 24 bands perform is "unkind" this is the only way I can describe their duty on Sunday. Could this be the reason the why the more popular bands are the early ones?


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