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Trinidad and Tobago CNMG - CNTworld shut down Gayelle TV for broadcasting the carnival. They have threatened them with legal action. Should a state run broadcasting channel be competing with a private community operation that regularly support cultural? It is interesting that this same organization couldn't even get the broadcast of the panorama over the internet straight this past weekend.

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A pox on the house of CNMG - CNTworld!
Long live WACK!
In years past, Gayelle had interesting interviews with people on the streets, from different locations, etc. CNMG only broke away once, that I saw, to Adam Smith Park to see Silver Stars play. That's it. No other steelbands other than those that could get to the Savannah and most of them gave up. The commentators were very ill-informed and sounded like someone who came here for their first Carnival. CNMG doesn't support the Carnival and culture the rest of the year...this was just a play for money and exposure.
I seem to recall that in the past even with ONE tv station we were still able to view what was happening on other stages around town. CNMG's coverage suggested that only what was on the savannah stage was valid. Also apart from the bmobile and Comedy Show ads that were run every three minutes or so, the station's own introduction to the coverage was too long and totally unnecesssry. Ther was no need to run it every time because we all knew we were TRYING to watch the "Parade of the Bands on CNMG"
Sick and laid up in bed...so I had to take in the Carnival events on TV....CNMG to be exact.Only to be given intercourse by CNMG during the entire season of broadcasted events.Soon Minister Parsanlal will eventually cover up the whole affair about how this (TTT) station got the contract to monopolise the events.and how they did a good job of feeding people worldwide, pure and uncut bull manure. This 20 /20 vision surely has cataract and we are only succeeding in going backwards.Opportunities lost could never be regained. We've again lost a golden chance to show off our Country's show of Carnival in comparison to the high incidence of Crime.I still cannot see why the Government chose to give one Station the broadcast rights for Carnival ???......there's a kickback lurking somewhere,and we'll soon find out who were the receivers.


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