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Condolences to the family and friends of Kaethe George on her passing

When Steel Talks extends condolences to the family and friends of Kaethe George on her passing. She was the longtime companion and business partner of Dr. Ellie Mannette.


Kaethe George, in her own words - in part (March 22, 2013 - FB post):

"A recent MRI discloses the stagelV breast cancer that i have had for about 3 years has moved to my brain. so today i begin my second of 10 consecutive whole brain radiation treatment. this is a problematic development. like all evil - cancer is an insidious force. but in this chaos i sense opportunity. i have always profoundly believed that the powers of faith, art, science and prevention intersect within each of us. as adults of free will, we are the masters of any mayhem . . . or magic we create. working more than 30 years as a "panjumbie" for Dr. Ellie Mannette, i have witnessed the 'agony and the ecstasy' of combining passion with purpose. the resulting creative energy vibrates the planet. and the new technologies offers such a tremendous opportunity to share information and the joy of dancing, creating, playing well with others! millions of others! cancer took the fight in me to that one organ where the power of our passion and faith have resided - SINCE THE BEGINNING. during a time where many years of sound cancer research and treatment developments have left me prepared for this confrontation IN NO PHYSICAL PAIN, on no pain medication. thus far only mild motor skill limitations.

"barely 'breaking inconvenient'!

"i am humbled by the sacrifices of 'mycanceranccestors'. so many lives lost . . . i hold the pain of their interrupted passions close to my heart. it emboldens me...."


Kaethe George and Dr. Ellie Mannette at When Steel Talks studios


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Condolence to friends, family and Dr Ellie Mannette

Thank you Kathe for all you have done with and for Dr Ellie,noting that you helped him from the panyard to dining with the president of the United States.What yopu've done for him you did for the artform and all Trinidadians.By breaking bread with you through the years I was privelleged to witness  most of his accomplishedments especially with the schools around the country.With you managing the business side of his affairs failure was never an issue.Personally the both of you have helped my brothers band Caribbean extravaganza numerous times with the expert tuning of pan all pan men are aware of,even when our financial situation wasn't fully adequate.My brothers and the rest of the band mourn your passing and we convey as much gratitude  as deserved by a partner,a friend and a reason to live a joyous life to the justly berieved Dr Ellie Mannette.Thank you Kathe,R.I.P....Bob Diaz mgr Caribbean Extravaganza steel drum band,Buffalo NY.

SHEROES DON'T DIE...I just received the news of the passing of Kaethe George. Kaethe was not only a distinguished member of this group, but also one of my loyal supporters. She is one of the most dedicated and loyal servant of the Steelband Movement, and an instrumental figure in Dr. Ellie Mannette's and Mannette Instruments' successes. It is with very heavy heart that I extend my sincerest condolences to Kaethe's family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and ALL those she touched. May you continue to Rise In Peace, Kaethe George. Thank you for your sacrifice.

George D. Goddard, on behalf of the George "Sonny" Goddard family.

 Great post Ghost always ready to educate and inform "SHEROES DON'T DIE," This is what you  get when you have a good business plan and an effective marketing strategy. I was able to access this link with much ease.


On behalf of Power Stars Steel Orchestra (PSSO), our deepest and sincerest condolences to friends, family and Dr. Ellie Mannette 

Gregory M. Lindsay

Chairman/Manager - (PSSO)


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