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You all won the first International Panorama, congratulations, that's in the History Book.

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I think someone was asking me who I think should of Won, What I think is that All Stars was not the best Band there Musically, but they were well rehearsed, and everything was pretty tight, they were the best band in Presentation though. but the Tune seems like it's unfinished or incomplete, I think its because Smoothe had to shorten the tune it sound as tho there is more to come, then the tune end. The first Curry Tabanca was better.

All Stars should have been 3rd, Phase2 should have been 6th or lower, Ebony should have been in the top three.

Just like I have told Smoothe before when he used to live in Maryland, that we Criticize him all the time and he always end up Laughing his way to the Bank.

Congratulations Smoothe you have the Formula, continue using it.

If I was still living in Trinidad I am sure I would be an All Stars Fan since all my friends from City Symphony and Behind the Bridge support them.

Señor Lopez:
I have read your astute, albeit unfinished and incomplete analysis. I am trying to follow your logical, sequential thoughts.

You have placed Phase 2 in 6th position or lower. Done deal!
You have placed All Stars in 3rd position. Right on!
Then you declare that Ebony should have been in the top three. OK.

Seeing that you have given the third spot to All Stars, Ebony will have to be in either 1st position or 2nd.

So, if you place Ebony in 2nd position, could you tell us who you think should have been in 1st place? Or, perhaps you believe that Ebony won the competition, and in which case, would you tell us which band should have been placed second?

Do elucidate at your convenience.

Peter, I would put Super Novas-Ebony or Ebony-Super Novas just my opinion, (Peter, look like you are a

mathematician), lol

Señor Lopez:
A mathematician I am DEFINITELY not. Although I do relish its inherent logic.

I needed you to finish your analysis/opinion because your invaluable contributions always seem to add importance, significance and influence to these forums, however mundane or irrelevant the topic.

So Bede, I'll just conclude (mathematically speaking, of course, lol), that where Super Novas and Ebony are concerned –– in your opinion, it would not have mattered who came first or second.

May I express in conclusion, Bede, that if you were still living in Trinidad, you would DEFINITELY be an All Stars fan, not because your friends from City Symphony and Behind the Bridge support them, but simply because I know you are an avid pan enthusiast with an unquestionable affinity for, and an appreciation of fantastic and creative pan arrangements.
As a good friend of mine divulged to me many moons ago (No. Not Craig!) –– Mr. Leon 'Smooth' Edwards has a way of demonstrating through his music "what feelings sound like".
Ah is only "feeling a feeling", Bede.
Ok you placed all stars 3rd,who are your 1st,2nd,also your judging was on past to present all stars performances.
You can't judge on that ,you judge on calypsonian song (ps the band 1987 version,had 10 minute,plus 100plus players).by the way,one of judges remarks on 87 sheet,was the song was too short(keep repeating ),not on arrangements,and smoothe ability.i think they ran between 6th and 8th in prelim


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