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Congrats Cecil, I wish you and your Wife many many more, and keep them Discussions coming

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Congratulation Cecil and Pinky on 5 decades of marriage. Pinky, your school mate Yvette which is my sister only have a year up on you all. I have more years than all of you, but with 3 different wives (lol)

Congratulations again to the Hinkson's.

Big congratulations to you Cecil and Gloria

Best wishes

Salah &  Family

Cecil Boi, that is ah Milestone, very few people can make that, My own ain't last as long as "the Redhouse fire",  nice, nice, another 9 years will be 1/2 of ah Century, (I hope I will be still alive to give my Congrats to you all)  enjoy

Congratulations to Cecil and his wife. I thought I was the only fool with my 42nd on the 28th of this month but being one ahead of you is a feat the young will find hard to achieve. We know the secret dont we? Mine is appreciating every day she spend with me,knowing when to back down and when to stand firm. It worked for me for 42 yrs and counting..Now go out and celebrate then its back to discussions.

Bob, I am glad you enlighten me on the Secret, I thought it was, "If you get ah Horn take it and keep quiet" Now that I know, thks


My secret is because I know how to say "YES DEAR"

A yankee pardner give meh the 4 watch words to a happy marriage….1. Yes Dear…2. I'm Sorry….3. You're Rght….4. I'll Pay…lol

Merry T, I end up with the last two when I told the Judge , "You are right, I will pay" Alimony at my Divorce hearing, lol

merrytones, that was one smart yankee.

To All,

Your well wishes are appreciated.

Congratulations, Cecil , to you and the better half . Hope you guys have many more years together.

And, I wasn't going to say anything, but when Bede start giving bad advise about "If you get ah Horn take it and keep quiet" I had to speak up.

Friends, on this particular subject please, please do not listen to Bede.

Based on what know about this old time Trini sagaboy called Bede Lopez , I would not recommend his advise when it comes to matters of the heart.


Bede ain't have no woman, how yuh go be ah sagaboy wid no woman. [he only visit Miss Palmer sometimes]


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