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Congratulations to D'Radoes - NY 2014 Panorama Champions

1. 470 D'Radoes
2. 468 Adlib & CASYM
4. 454 Sonatas
5. 453 Pan Fantasy
6. 451 Crossfire...
7. 445 Pantonic
8. 443 Despers USA
9. 424 Harmony
10. 421 Steel Xplosion
11. 417 Metro

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Congratulations to D'Radoes and "BJ" Marcelle, this is a big WON.

Congrats to BJ and radors.

Looks like the Judging was Good for the first three Bands, Man in the Street had the same Score

Congratulations to Radoes, it's good to see a new number one; it's good for the competition.
I am happy for mr Marcelle, Patrick , flag and the players...well done.
Congrats to Radoes and BJ

Congrats to all.

Congrats to all the bands . Looks like it was a great night of sweet pan. Blessings.

Congrats to BJ and D'Radoes. Had to be a top class performance to beat my two choices into second place. Hopefully the twats in WIADCA recorded the event and DVDs & CDs would be available ASAP..., so that I'd be able to make an informed opinion.....like the thousands overseas deprived from electronically taking part.

Would Pan Times be in a position to inform?

Let us not forget the Drill Master -- Mr. Dane Gulston.

I really spent a horrible night, not hearing my panorama that was on in New York. There appears to have been some form of insensitivity involved in the decision not to transmit the show. That having been said, I wish to congratulate all the bands for their undeniable participation in a pan event that really takes a lot of energy to put on and also perform in. Congratulations to D'Radoes for their win. 

I still hold out hope for a viewing or listening of some kind at some time soon.

Congratulations in order to D'Radoes and arranger Terrance BJ Marcelle and the rest of the bands in order.

Congrats to the aranger BJ and the Drill Master Dane Gulston


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