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Could somebody explain to me why this "PAN VIDEO" got almost FOUR MILLION VIEWS?

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On point Randi. Pan was born in the Caribbean but we surely have been nowhere as successful as we should have been in marketing and commercializing it. Performers have to decide whether they are in the entertainment business or just performing for fun. If the latter than you take what you get - the fun of it.

But if it is the intent to put food on the table then a stronger business mentality is required. Significantly, you have to play for the crowd and suppress, hopefully not too much, your own personal tastes. Hopefully, what the crowd wants aligns with makes you tick as a musician - and I very well understand hat musicians need that to really give of heir best. Businessmen understand this all too well, as they shape their offerings according to the demographics of the marketplace. The more strategic ones work on the target group to massage their appetite for the product. In the music world this translates into, among other things, strategic choice of repertoire and using an ensemble that is as portable as possible (Randi's 3rd point).

This young lady got the views without much of an effort, because the large target group that she locked into quite by chance, fits squarely into her cultural space and how it sees pan and Caribbean culture.

Randi, I want you to EXPAND on THIS for me: 2)Those complex arrangements imitating compositions of 17 18 and 19 century Europeans when translated into local music does not always lend itself to entertainment.

Hi Claude

The complexity of which I speak relates in particular to the introductions, the runs and performance endings

Most of which is easily appreciated by Trinbagonians, however these are sometimes met with confused expressions when listened to by foreigners. I feel this may have been influenced by criteria defined by panorama judges over the years in their effort to introduce a so called sophistication to the performances. This is only really viable if the competition has a “test piece” on which each performance can be compared

I remember playing Hatters’ Raindrops on My Pan and Pantonic’s Stranger for one of my friends while driving home from work one day, both were enthusiastically received. When the 3rd track started Archbishop of Pan by Phase II, a quizzical expression ensued. That led me to believe that the complexities were not appreciated. On a subsequent journey I played North Stars & Winifred Atwell’s performance of Rhapsody In Blue. Needless to say the jaw dropping reaction was a joy to behold.

Both Hatters’ and Pantonic’s tracks had a musical familiarity woven into the melody.  While Rhapsody In Blue would have had Gershwin beaming.

Great performances!


Happy New Year!

Thanks for the EXPANSION, Randi!!!

Happy New Year to you too!!!

I have tried to explain that many times but its still misunderstood. this is how I tell it best when I was in Dubai performing at the "wonderland theme park" there were acts from all over the world some world famous others average like our band Caribbean Extravaganza ..The sheik's son visited the park one day and selected us to perform for his birthday. We definitely werent the best act in the park, they had high divers, acrobats, world famous artists like Maxi Priest ect. At first we refused saying that we were only allowed to perform at the park and just then the manager approached me and said"Bob if the son of the Sheik say you play, for him then that's that. The reason why us? He like our combination of the limbo/steelband/fire dance We simplified our presentation for a world audience not just a trini one.. We are often criticized by trinis for our soft repertoire but as Randy said it puts food on the table.Panorama is we thing I agree but every country has theirs but they leave room for expansion to accommodate our neighbors and also for financial gain..Andy Narrell tried to steer us in that direction with panorama but his ideas were somewhat rejected. The majority of Chinese dont eat what they sell, I know by working at many Chinese establishments. They do that for the same reason, you cater for the customers if you want to make money. Parang is spanish but not too many spanish countries celebrate it like we do but we do it as a custom not a business if we did we would have to modify it for the world market. At the end of the day its all about money, if we want to get a million hits we must adjust to the whims of the world..Panorama has a limited following of under 2 million, the world is above 7 billion a much bigger audience. Can we get a million views for our music? Definitely, but we cant have our cake and eat it too,we have to make allowances for a larger market, a market that appreciates the mere sound of pan without the heavy arrangements presented by pro T&T mystros..We may minimize this performance as trivial compared to the heavy weight performance we know pan can present, but a million viewers tell us that's just our opinion and some opinions should be kept to ourselves..
Correct is right, my QRC brother
Why, Cecil Hinkson?
Peter I made two comments in this thread: the first is about sitting and listening to pan. I came from a time when people dance and enjoy themselves with pan music, as it turn out it was the most successful era. Today they sit and listen to pan which goes against the reason is was created in the first place.The second is about soca artiste not using the pan, in my opinion it's like they don't accept pan as a legitimate instrument, they should have been using pan years ago, hopefully with all the technology available today things will change.

As these students develop their skills through a more concentrated study of modes, II-V-I patterns, characteristic jazz phrases and licks, and solo transcriptions, (example 3), they can choose from the Latin-jazz repertoire or from compositions and/or recordings by steelpan soloists and composers including Robert Greenidge, Ray Holman, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, Andy Narell and Othello Molineaux for their proficiency performance selections.

I envision the program evolving to include the study of classic steelpan arrangements and the transcription of these works for combined contemporary ensemble. The electronic steelpan—a modification of the tenor pan model—has been introduced to the market enabling players the flexibility to perform melodies ranging from tenor pan to bass and as a controller for accessing sampled sounds.

It is my hope that our aspiring composers and arrangers will begin exploring all the complexities and sonorities of this unique instrument, the steelpan. The results will undoubtedly be magical.

Well said, my brothers!!!

I wrote a calypso about the use and none use of pan in the calypso world but didnt push it to the masses I asked my brother Sunshine Diaz to present it to the artists he backed up but I'm still waiting. The lyrics is about using the tenor pan by esteemed soloists but not the bass or back line which is the cello, tenor bass and 12 bass..When I heard arrangements by Tony Williams, Beverly Griffith, Ray Hallman and others I failed to see why the whole pan side was not included in backing calypsonians. Now seriously can we imagine if Shadow had used real bass pan in "Bass man" or Kitchener Symphony in G or or woman on the bass? I remember Beverly Griffith's arrangements of Mr Walker with Desperadoes listen to that cello line and the double tenor counter melody, then a little of Panam Northstars back up of Winnifred Artwell in "the wedding".. I mean I can go on and on but it just make me want to cry when I see its dub here dub there two chord music when we have symphonies of pan music from classics to calypso at our disposal but reggae is selling out and our own gem "pan" is on the shelf..
bob diaz, I believe we'll soon start seeing people using the electronic pan and pan app to produce music, as they say they have the pan tone.

Cecil, it's already happening.




Time and tide wait for no man, or so they say.


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