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Could somebody explain to me why this "PAN VIDEO" got almost FOUR MILLION VIEWS?

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 From a data analytical stand point, this video is eight years old; a Google search with her name comes up with over 30,000 plus links to her videos. Her web site has a professional appeal, check out her Long Story at https://www.molleec.com/

Mollee Craven has been a favorite steel drum player for clients across the USA for over a decade. She specializes in upscale corporate & private events & uses the universal language of music to cross all cultural, gender, ethnic, economical, age, religious & political barriers. Her outgoing personality, professional appearance and her ability to know when to keep the music "upbeat" or "low key", are just a few reasons why you won't regret choosing Mollee Craven's Steel Drums to add that extra touch of class to your corporate event, private party, wedding/reception or whatever the occasion.

Here's my thinking, the video from the camera angle may appeal to some less interested in Pan Music; the video is linked to sites that use Click- bait…https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/07/what-is-clickbait.html

From NY Magazine  How Much of the Internet is FAKE?

 “Over at YouTube, the business of buying and selling video views is “flourishing,” as the Times reminded readers with a lengthy investigation in August. The company says only “a tiny fraction” of its traffic is fake, but fake subscribers are enough of a problem that the site undertook a purge of “spam accounts” in mid-December. These days, the Times found, you can buy 5,000 YouTube views — 30 seconds of a video counts as a view — for as low as $15; oftentimes, customers are led to believe that the views they purchase come from real people. More likely, they come from bots. On some platforms, video views and app downloads can be forged in lucrative industrial counterfeiting operations. If you want a picture of what the Inversion looks like, find a video of a “click farm”: hundreds of individual smartphones, arranged in rows on shelves or racks in professional-looking offices, each watching the same video or downloading the same app.”


The video can be found on CODIFY...https://chordify.net/chords/spanish-eyes-by-mollee-nick-ray-steel-d... YOU2REPEAT.com http://w3w.you2repeat.com/watch/?v=1j13NdQiw8c…

Drawing traffic to one's social media site is a biz in itself.   Quantity does not always mean and necessarily convert into monetary gains, but volume does have to sacrifice quality.  But the quality of the steelpan sound and music that could and should be played is not lost on the sounds Mollee herself "craves"... 

I learned to play the guitar pan.  I learned to play the brake drum and the bell.  I learned what an "engine room" is and why it is so critical in a "pan yard".  I learned the difference between a soca feel from Trinidad and reggae feel from Jamaica.  In all the years I had played trombone in reggae bands, I had never learned about reggae feel.  I learned about the history of steel pan in Trinidad and the spread of the music and culture throughout the world.  I started buying recordings of steel drum orchestras, and swapping with my band mates.  We started learning an arrangement of a popular song from Trinidad called "Misbehave", written and arranged for Panorama by Len "Boogsie" Sharpe.  This song, like other arrangements for the competition are very intricate, have a lot of specific parts for each steel pan instrument in the orchestra, change keys and modes, do not do a lot of repeating, and are very difficult and challenging to memorize.  An incredible amount of musical development was happening in our band

This discussion is hilarious!
This discussion is hilarious!

... but the REALITY of the VIDEO is DISTRESSING to those who can see the emerging BIG PICTURE of GLOBAL STEELDRUM MUSIC!!!

Because the Instrument have lot of  Back ground (Ass). Case Close.


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