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Dear Pan Trinbago -- Where is the quality? Who is responsible?

You are the governing body of pan in Trinidad and Tobago.  You are responsible for the image that the world sees.

You are not supposed to be an over-exuberant fan giving the world very bad to mediocre cell phone videos with atrocious audio.. You are like a child with a new toy. Get professional help. Raise your standards. Don't lower the standards. Isn't there one person in all of Pan Trinbago to tell you "NO don't post that?"

No more vertical videos please. That's considered below amateur level. No more mono audio. That is consider a sin in 2019.

The next video you post should sound and look as good as a WST video. Look at this https://youtu.be/jNiBK_AVNaA 


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You appear to be giving evidence that you are not part of the Pan Trinbago pan videos massacre. 

However, you are a card carrying member.



I am guilty of being a member sir. 

there for Pan Trinbago's inefficiency is to my fault.

but there are things I can control eg. what videos goes out to represent  San City on San City's official web page

and things in can't, what goes out on Pan Trinbago web page.

but I am still holding the position that this executive must be given a chance so I in meh corner hushing.  


I am very please to see that you know the difference between posting videos on youtube vs posting on facebook.

Furthermore. I think it is your responsibility to warn Pan Trinbago that the global bad pan video police has them leading the pack. Are they trying to win an award for embarrassing videos.

Pan Trinbago is doing irreparable harm to the Trinidad and Tobago Steelband brand.

What exactly do they expect to gain with these awful videos?

Will the bad videos result in an increase in 

- demand for Trinidad and Tobago steelbands and products around the world

- allowing the world to hear the great quality of the Trinidad and Tobago instruments, arrangers and tuners

- allow the world to hear the great musicianship of the Trinidad and Tobago players

- people wanting to play pan or join a Trinidad and Tobago steelband

- people hitting replay because they love what they are hearing or seeing

- people gaining a new found respect for Pan Trinbago's technological, media and marketing know-how


So Aquil, I ask again who is responsible.

check out the audio quality of these recording, they were done over 25 years ago.  Were you even born yet?


I see what you mean.

very impressive.

As per typical Trini mentality..."Leave dat so boy...It good jess so"...


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